The Daily Roar

Things to move into the house first

Before the auspicious date that has been chosen, one can move certain things into the house first. They should bring rice, cooking oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, charcoal and tea leaves and place them in the kitchen first. This is to signify that the house is already stocked with the basic preliminary items.

If there are children in the family, then books and stationery can also be brought to the house first. this would help boost their children’s study luck.
The altar and the deities should also be invited to the new house before the moving in date. This is done so that the deities would protect the new residence and also any unwanted beings would leave the place once the deities are installed.
The stove should also be set up before the moving in date. An auspicious date must be chosen for setting up the stove in the kitchen.

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