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Baron Beach, Yogyakarta

Are you looking for new adventure? Are you looking for a new beach at Yogyakarta to get tanned? Are you looking for a place where beach meets hills? You can go to South Yogyakarta beach line that has different beauty to please you. One of the beaches is called Baron Beach. This beach is one of the beaches at south Yogyakarta in Kidul Mountain area. The beach is surrounded by hills that known as camping area. So Baron Beach is the right beach for you to get the camping feeling and get tanned at the same time.

The water color and the wave are great to please your eyes. You are allowed to swim in the water as long you don’t pass the safe line area. The wind blows your hair nicely when the sun shines brightly. The beach is great for kids too. They can fly their pretty kites made by local seller. There are caves on the right and left of the beach that were made by the wave that hit the cliff. Some local fisherman would take you closer to the cave opening with their boat. You can pay them less than $1 for that short trip.

There is a hiking track to the hills if you don’t feel to play with water. The hiking track will lead you to a pretty light house and connect you to the hills. From the hills your eyes will be pleased by beautiful scenery. You feel so free to be in between of vast sky and the waves hit the cliff.

Swimming, flying kites, and a bit hiking might drain your energy and of course you need to recharge yourself for another round of excitement. There are a lot of food stall that offer you great seafood culinary. You can try different kind of seafood like different kind fish, shrimp and prawn, and oyster for around $12. You even get rice for your meal.

The great thing about Baron Beach is it feels like a little private paradise beach. Not many people come to this beach because there are 7 other beaches in South Yogyakarta beach line that people can choose. You won’t see a full package of human cover the beach. This is a great beach to come to refresh your mind. You only need to pay IDR 8,000 or less than $1 to enter the beach area. So you can choose from 8 beaches in this area, but Baron Beach is definitely great beach to visit.

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