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Beautiful gardens of Indonesia

Indonesia is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia and Oceania. It is an archipelago. It consists of various ethnic and linguistic groups. Its size, tropical climate and archipelagic geography support the world’s second highest level of biodiversity. Its flora and fauna is a mixture of Asian and Australian species. Indonesia has beautiful gardens that are of great essence to those touring the region. Its climate and heavy rainfall is conducive to rapid growth of plants thereby providing a platform for a green environment. Some of the beautiful gardens you will have an opportunity to visit while in Indonesia are but not limited to;

Bali’s botanic garden

Bali’s botanic garden is the youngest among the Indonesian gardens. It is a significant areas of attraction for tourists. It has the largest area of any of the Indonesian botanic gardens with very beautiful scenery. It has cool climate, superb scenery and siren environment that make it an impeccable recreational place in Indonesia. For students visiting the garden as tourist, the plants collection can be used for educational study. Geseng pine tree and camera pandak are the predominant native trees around the garden. For Indians visiting the garden will encounter the orchid collection, ceremonial flora and medicinal gardens that are of cultural attachment to them. The garden is also looking forward to be the center for domestic and international visitors of Indonesia.

Gardens of paradise

Its staff is very receptive and sensitive to client’s needs. The pool that faces the river valley and the terraces make it an incredible place to cool off oneself. It is surrounded by concealed gems, ponds and walls. What makes the garden outstanding is the fact that it is not built using modern glass and metal structure. It has self-contained kitchen and sitting rooms .They serve delicious dishes that are loved by many people visiting the place. It also has scenery where one can watch the beautiful heavenly bodies such as the stars.

Bali orchid garden

The garden is as old as 1999. It is located at Sanur. It has a siren environment that is ideal for relaxation. Within this beautiful garden there are plants such as Pitcher plants, Cordylines, Bromeliads etc. The garden pays attention to the needs of its clients in terms of quality of its services.

Beautiful gardens in Grenada

This garden is well endowed with collection of multi-textured plant materials such as philodendrons, ferns and cordylines. In its surrounding there exist tiny crested hummingbirds hovering over the pink flowers of the bananas. Nutmeg has been the Grenada’s most export for many years. While in Grenada one can visit the herb and spice garden. At the garden also exists Grenada Ornament Nurseries at Grenville? Here visitors can enjoy a cool drink or watch the girls turning over the drying cocoa beans with their feet famously called “dancing the cocoa”.

East Java’s garden of the East

Located 90 minutes’ drive 70 kilometers south of Surabaya. This is a perfect place to regain some equilibrium when you need a break from the day’s encounters. The visitors will be surprised by the extraordinary diversity of plant life present in this garden. Visitors will also have an opportunity to see variety of species that are becoming endangered. Having a good and clear view of mount Baung as you walk along avenue stretches is also a very interesting encounter. Also present at the garden are palm trees which are not only ornamental but of great nutritional value. With the above beautiful gardens of Indonesia.

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