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Karimun Jawa – a hidden Paradise in Central Java, Indonesia

I remember in March 2012 i made a plan with a friend from Germany to visit Karimun Jawa, an archipelago of 27 islands in the Java Sea, Indonesia, approximately 80 kilometres northwest of Jepara. It was Izzi – my friend who had the idea and i thought ‘why not’ since i never been to the place and i embrace all the new experience i will get while i’m travelling. I believe travelling can enrich my life. I once read the quote ““The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” And i couldn’t agree more to that quote.

So to make the story short, i finally packed my bag and went for an adventure with Izzy to Karimun Jawa. Both of us made quite an effort to go there since the boat that will take us from Semarang to Karimun Jawa stopped operating due to the broken machine. We had to find another way. By googling i found out that we can also go to Karimun Jawa through Jepara which is located 2 hours from Semarang. Hey, let the adventure begin then! We bought a ticket to go with a small car that would drop us directly to Pelabuhan Kartini in Jepara. In Pelabuhan Kartini we continued the journey by small boat ‘Express Bahari” and it took about 2 hours until we finally arrived in port of Karimun Jawa.

This is how the port of Karimun Jawa looked like when we arrived that day :


We decided to stay in ‘Wisma Apung’ which is quite fantastic since the motel is located right in the middle of the sea. If you open back door in the afternoon, you’ll see sunset right in front of you. When you open front door in the morning, you’ll amazed by the sunrise. It was wonderful. We could snorkel around the place everytime we wanted. And well, if you where brave enough…Wisma Apung also gave you the opportunity to swim with real sharks (They keep the sharks in the small ponds right in the middle of the motel ) In my case, my gut takes me to see the sharks from close distance only . i don’t want to swim with them! heheheh

Here are the pictures of Wisma Apung and the sharks






We snorkeling aroung Wisma Apung and also visiting Hutan Bakau near Wisma Apung.

We took an island hopping trip with a small boat. It’s only cost us Rp 80.000 that include everything ( lunch, snorkeling gear, boat etc ) . We spent the whole day only enjoying the warm sand on the beach, hours for snorkeling, going from one island to the other, fish barbeque, drink coconut water. I wish i could just stay here for the rest of my life. I think I would be the happiest woman on earth

Snorkeling around Wisma Apung then go back to Jepara

I never forget about Karimun Jawa with it’s breathtaking scenery and many island to explore. Karimun Jawa actually consist of 27 island , and on my last visit i just went to 3 island only. I have a plan to go camping and explore those 27 island. Do you want to join?

// Wrote by Yulita Purtanti, from Indonesia