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Lombok, Heaven’s Piece on Earth

Breathtaking beaches, cool waterfalls, peaceful places, relaxing nature…. all of these can be found in Lombok. Lombok, one of smaller islands in West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia, has so many things to offers to travellers who wants the back-to-nature feeling. We can start from beaches. My favourite beaches are around southern Lombok, such as Kuta beach, Tanjung Aan, Seger Beach, Mawi Beach, Mawun Beach, Semeti Beach and Selong Belanak Beach. These beaches have crystal clear water, white sands and various waves, from calm to big surfing waves. If you want to find a good beach with more accommodations available then Senggigi beach is the best place for you. You can surf, snorkel, or just relax there. Souvenir shops, travel agents, car rents, night clubs and hotels are all in one place.


Lombok also has three famous Gilis (small islands) that have been famous around the world: Gili Terawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. Each has its own specialty. But lets skip those three first. You can find more Gilis (small islands) that will bring you to a whole new nature. Some great examples are Gili Nanggu, Gili Sudak, Gili Tangkong, Gili Layar, Gili Kondo, Gili Lampu and Gili Sulat. Most of them are surrounded by virgin corals and nature that is perfect for those who like to snorkel or dive.

Next is waterfalls. There is the mighty Mountain Rinjani, one of the highest mountain in Indonesia, which provides Lombok with some splendid waterfalls: Tiu Kelep, Tiu Teja, Sendang Gila, and many others.


Before going on a trip in Lombok, it is better to have a local person with you if you want to explore some new good places safely. If you travel alone, find a travel mate and don’t hesitate to ask local people if you are lost. They will be glad to help.

Many people say that Lombok is the second Bali. But No. Bali has its own charm, so does Lombok. Come and experience it yourself, and you will know!

Written by: Rosalina Febrianti, Lombok, Indonesia