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Paragliding: Enjoying the Scenery from a Bird’s Eye

Batu is the first getaway choice for people living in the crowded and busy nearby city. Located in East Java, a mountainous area with fresh air, Batu has always been famous of its scenery. Rather than enjoying the quiet, fresh, and breath-taking scenery with usual way, you may enjoy something more extraordinary, adventurous, and exciting: PARAGLIDING. Paragliding is a sport where a person “flies” through the air using a special “wing” in the form of wide fabric canopy that acts like a parachute. The pilot glides from a higher position, usually a top of hill or mountain, then the wind will help him glides through the air.

The well-known paragliding spot in Batu is Banyak Mountain, and the landing point is in Songgoriti area. Paragliding is the closest thing to experience the feeling of flying like a bird. Enjoying the scenery from the sky surely gives greater impression to Batu’s landscape. You can see the mountains, farms, fields, villages, in a glance. If it seems too frightening for you, just enjoy the scenery from Banyak Mountain is also worth the visit. It is one of the best spot to enjoy the scenery from higher altitude in Batu.

Scenery from Banyak Mountain

From IDR 400.000,- (USD 35) you can experience a thrilling yet enjoyable 10 minutes paragliding experience. Never play this sport before? No problem, they will pair you with a national-licensed tandem expertise, with international standard equipment and safety operation. You can go directly to Banyak Mountain or you can contact them to pick you up. The meeting point is usually in Batu market or Batu square. Upon your arrival in Banyak Mountain, your tandem partner will give you safety helmet and help you to put on the equipment. Since you will take a short run before flying, make sure that you use comfortable shoes.

Put your safety equipment carefully

And, it’s time to fly! Take a short run and you’re flying in the sky! Just enjoy the scenery and listen to your tandem partner instruction.


… and fly!!

The duration depends on the weather, but the average is around 10 minutes. If the wind is good, you can fly more than 10 minutes, in the worst condition, when the wind is too slow or the rain is coming, the experts will not take you to fly, so check the weather before you try the sport. Surely, enjoying the scenery from different angle is worth the price!

/// Written by Amalia Eka Rakhmania, Indonesia

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