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Serenity in Ranu Agung

This time I joined a group from Surabaya heading to Probolinggo. It’s unusual for me to go into a group. Since the destination is not really well known, going in a group with a local guide would be a better option. Along the way I try to remember every road and landmark, hoping I can repeat the trip by myself the next time. Starting from Probolinggo we then went to a sugar mill, then a rafting area, After that I lost track an decided to just enjoy the green scenery along the road.

At some point the ride will become quite slow, this because the road is getting narrow and has many holes. After taking complicated turns we stop in front of an elementary school and park the car. In front of the school there is a steep cliff and we can see the tranquil surface of the lake at the bottom of the cliff. Ranu in Javanese means lake and Agung in Javanese means big. So this lake literally mean big lake. Ranu Agung is a volcanic lake which is surrounded by cliffs and hills. Due to its location, Ranu Agung is one of the most natural destinations that is rarely visited by tourists.

From the elementary school, we walk about 200 meters before we can find a path that leads us to the lake. If you plan to go to Ranu Agung, please make sure you use a comfortable set of clothes and wear a good pair of shoes for a little tracking. It takes around 30 minutes to go down to the lake. When you reach the edge of the lake, you know that it is worth it.

With height over 500 meters above sea level, you will enjoy the cool mountain breeze. You will hear birds and crickets without any other buzzes since there are only a few people that come there. And of course, you will feel the fresh clear water of the lake. Some people from my group choose to strip and start to swim in the lake, while others prefer to take pictures of the colorful limestone walls that hedge off on one side of the lake. I prefer to sit by the lake with my feet in the water enjoying the serenity that Ranu Agung has to offer.

Saying goodbye to a great destination like Ranu Agung always sucks, and hiking back to the car sucks even more. After you hike back to the elementary school, it is a great idea to stop by at the local food stall nearby and drink coconut water straight from the coconut. Coconut water is known as a natural isotonic that will help you hydrate in an instant.

/// Written by Desthi Nur, Indonesia

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