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Always fit your gown first

Before getting married, usually, the bride fits the new gown to ensure that the gown fits well and she looks good on it. In the Philippines, it is a big ‘NO’. The old ones will really oppose fitting of the gown. The soon-to-be bride can just check the details of her gown by merely looking at and touching it and ensure its measurements only by using the tape measure or other measuring devices that can be used. The woman can actually put or lean the gown against her body, as if wearing it but only the front view can be seen, but can’t put her body inside the gown. The gown can only be worn on the day of the wedding. Some of the Filipino people, those who consider themselves “super modern” don’t follow this, but most do. They believe that id the gown will be fitted, the wedding ceremony will not happen, there will be a tragedy, or future problems which can break the marriage will happen.

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