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Burnham Park: The Heart of Baguio City

Baguio is known as the summer capital of the Philippines and in order for you to know the city, you must explore the heart- the Burnham Park. This 32.84 hectare-urban park is located at the heart of the Baguio City. This park is initially intended to serve as a much-needed green park and to deliver a bustling city with a quiet environment with wide open green spaces. Burnham Park under Filipino supervision is now more of an amusement park with boating, bicycle and skating areas, sports and gaming areas, plus a few eateries.

Brief History

According to the history, it was named after the American architect and urban planner, Daniel Hudson Burnham who offer the plans for the city. When the 1990 Luzon earthquake killed more than 100 people in Baguio, many homes were destroyed, leaving many displaced people seeking refuge in Burnham Park.

Burnham Lake

If you want to experience a romantic date with someone special to you, you can bring her in this man-made lake situated at the center where tourists can enjoy boating with rented boats. For P100.00 you can enjoy boating for 30 minutes. Each rented boats can carry four to six people and each has life-saving device placed at the top of the boat. Selfie video taking is also one way to record the moment while you are enjoying the activity but be sure you have functional monopods to avoid accidents by dropping off your phones into the lake. The boating is best to enjoy if you paddle your own boat within the lake.


If you want another activity after boating, you can try renting bicycles. There are numerous single bicycles which you can be rented for only P35.00 per hour and P40.00 with side car. With biking, you can burn calories while having a tour within the park. Usually kids take these rides while adults are resting on the picnic grounds.

Igorot Garden

If you are a die-hard fan of selfies, you need to see this Igorot garden and pose for a selfie. This garden is dominated by statues of the five main Igorot Tribes the Ibalois, Bontocs, Kalingas, Ifugaos and the Kankanaeys.

Skating Rink

You don’t need to travel abroad to experience ice skating, Burnham Park has it all. Yes! You read it right. A public ice rink was constructed where ice skate rentals are available at the southern end of Burnham Park.


There is also an orchid house lies at the center of the park with different kinds of orchids and other flowers.

Rose Garden

Rose garden, as they say, is one of the developments that enhanced the beauty of the park.

Other areas are: Picnic Grove, Japanese Peace Tower, Athletic Bowl, Sunshine Park, Melvin Jones Grandstand, and Pine Trees of the World

Other fun offers

Aside from boating and biking, there are also balloon vendors along the streets and sweets available. Now, if you are tired and hungry after long, fun activities, you can place your picnic mat unto the ground and dine with your family. For summer time, expect that the park is crowded but surely your kids can meet new friends and companions.

In addition, there is also children’s playground which the government of Baguio City and SM Prime Holdings Inc. signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on the improvement and rehabilitation of the Children’s Playground inside Burnham Park.

How to get there

It may be accessed from any one of the following roads: Harrison , Kisad Road, Governor Pack and Magsaysay Roads.

 /// Written by Sheena Lou Alagao, The Philippines

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