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Canibad – The Hidden Paraiso

You want to achieve a very relaxing and soul soothing summer vacation but the beach resort you’ve known is already packed and crowded? Well in Canibad Beach Resort, you can experience the pampering sight of the hidden paraiso. Be with the Maker as it unveils the untouched beauty of the nature. The place seems like an undeveloped resort but gifted with the serene background of the mountainside, pebbly landscape, and the various shade of crystal blue water that will surely awestruck you on its incredible charm.

The Canibad Beach Resort is located at Barangay Aundanao, Island Garden City of Samal. It is almost an hour travel from Sasa Warf, Davao City. You will also have a habal-habal ride (customized motorcycle for uphill rough road) from Kaputian to Canibad (expect a long rough road).

There are small cottages mushrooming around the beach for about Php 200.00 per overnight stay since the place is naturally preserved. Travellers are advised to bring with them their tent to experience an amazing rest while the music of the riptides serenades their way to dreamland.

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There are no internet access and low cellphone signal around. Also expect no restaurant and other prestigious amenities on the place. It is just only the highlighted pride of the place – the grandeur Canibad Beach Resort. Local fishermen dock by at the beach early morning to sell fresh caught fish and use some of the locals’ ample facilities to cook your food. You can also pack your own homemade food and utensils and have a picnic under the shade of the huge Talisay tree. There are also small sari-sari stores to attend anytime your needs.

The ‘hidden paraiso’ is rich with marine life. Grab your snorkeling gears and wander around the cold virgin water. The other side of the beach is wrapped with large rocks perfect for rock climbing and cliff diving.

The finest destination is a so called paradise for professional and novice photographer. From the picture perfect angle of the enchanting place, it is the best spot to unleash their skills in photography.

What are you waiting for? Prepare your summer outfit, show off some skin and put your sunglass on as you leave alone your worries. We deserve to have a splendid and relaxing summer time and the ‘hidden paraiso’ of Canibad Beach Resort is the great escape for having fun under the sun.

/// Written by Noemi Grace Cosare, The Philippines