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7+1 Tips Before You Travel To Thailand

So, you’ve made up your mind about Thailand, and you’ve decided to earn a living there as an English teacher? Be it for business, holidays, work or pure pleasure, you couldn’t have made a better decision. We’ve decided to contribute to your excitement with some interesting facts about this tropical paradise.

With the pearl-white beaches and 50 shades of turquoise fords to choose from, we couldn’t agree more with your preference. Also known as Buddha’s cradle, the sights of this tropical country are beyond describable. We would love to further pique your interest in this Shangri-la of the Asian continent, and we’ve hence prepared a number of curiosities about your destination.

1.Vaccinations – Typhoid & Medications to Bring With you

Nobody wants to get ill on holiday. You need to check with your local GP -at least 8 weeks before your trip – to get a Typhoid vaccination. Check with your GP, too, about getting broad-spectrum antibiotics, as well as malaria tablets. It’s a good idea to be over-prepared when it comes to health. Antihistamine and anti-diarrhea medications are a good idea. All travelers get upset tummies.

2.Check the Visa requirements for your country – is your trip 30 days?

Most visits to Thailand that are under 30 days are fine. You will get a stamp, that marks your entry, and is valid for 30 days only. If you are staying for longer than 30 days you will need to get a visa. You will need to check with your own government to see what requirements, you need for your trip.

3.Make Digital Copies of Your Documents & Take Extra Passport Photos

It’s a good idea to take pictures, and save pictures of your passport, bank cards etc, and store remotely. Make sure you take a picture of the back of your bank card, too. It’s also a good idea to make a copy of your passport, and keep that with you, in your luggage. If you are thinking of traveling to Cambodia, or other areas in Asia, it’s a good idea to take some extra photo’s with you, it will save you time, when you are getting the visa.

4.Pack Sunscreen, Sunscreen, and more Sunscreen. ( And -shirt to swim in. And a hat)

Thailand has a sunny climate, and you will be making the most of the beautiful beaches and exploring the sites, and you can be sunburned if you are not careful. You have to wear sunscreen all the time. Make sure that you have long sleeve clothes as well, and a hat,  to protect you from the sun, as well as a good sunscreen. Although you can buy toiletries very cheaply, sunscreen can be more expensive in the smaller local shops. Mosquito repellant is a good idea too. Products for sunburn and itches are also recommended.

5.Get Some Cash – Dollars or Baht And Ask Your Bank About Using Your Cards

It’s a good idea to carry cash, especially if you want to negotiate a good price. Cash is king. Dollars etc, or baht.  You will be able to get better prices, for many things, such as taxi fare, or goods, by offering cash. Check with your bank whether you will be able to use your credit/debit cards, in Thailand. You will be on the beach, going to bars, walking in the markets, and on the streets – buying food, beer, and water – cash will be your easiest option.

6.Buy Travel Insurance

Accidents happen. People get sick. Nobody ever plans for something to happen to them while they are on holiday. Travel insurance is always a good idea. You can buy travel insurance through the airlines, or your bank, or special travel insurance companies, like Travel Nomads. You need to have insurance. It will give you peace of mind, should you need help if you are sick, or something happens to your belongings – insurance is an invaluable option. There are different prices. Shop around and find the best value option.

7.Electronics – Storage and Safety of Your Precious Memories

Storage and safety: extra memory cards and waterproof/durable cases for your electronics are a good idea. You’ll be on the beach, hiking through a rainforest, sipping cocktails at a rooftop bar, when it begins to rain, and you drop your phone! Disaster. Is your device protected? And do you have enough room to take pictures? The last thing you want to do, on holiday, is run out of storage space on your devices, or ruin them. In fact, it’s a good idea to think of investing in a camera – for those sunset cocktail shots, and crystal clear waters.

The Bonus Tip

8.Prebook Transport if You’re traveling in Peak Season – Dec/ Jan or July/ Aug

Thailand is a very popular country, and while you may enjoy free-spirited travel while you are there, it’s a good idea to pre-book tickets, especially during peak season. 12 Go – is a site that is recommended to book your ferry, bus or train tickets. You can also pre-book accommodation. Take a look at Booking.com. You do not need to pay upfront or pay a cancellation fee. Especially as you may be there for a limited time, the last thing you need is not to be able to get a place on that ferry or watch your bus drive away, without a seat for you. Think about pre-booking your transport. It will save you any worry about finding a seat.

No matter the specifics of your travel plan, rest assured that the immeasurable beauty of the smiling nation will leave you beguiled at the least. Thailand is a journey of the senses before anything – a gift to the soul that no other country can replace.