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Klongsan Plaza, The Market owned by locals

Have you ever gone off the beaten path and really experienced the culture of the locals while traveling? One way to do this (at least in Thailand) is to go to a local market. Yes, there are large markets like Chatuchak Market in Bangkok but I prefer the smaller markets. One interesting market I enjoy going to is called Klongsan Plaza. It is very easy to get to there as you just take the BTS to Krungthonburi Station. From there you can take bus number 3 to the market for a real Thai experience. If AC and comfort is more your style you can always flag down a taxi and tell them you want to go to Klongsan Plaza.

When you arrive there you will see many shops and food stands. The shops are run by locals and I feel you get a fairer price as opposed to the tourist traps around town. Some shops sell clothing and others have nail painting and massages. There is a wide variety of products and something for everyone. There is a 7-11 at the end of the market and if you go past that there is a ferry that can take you to the other side of the river for 3 baht (about 9 cents USD) where there are other shops and a small mall.

If all the walking around has made you hungry the food stands at Klongsan Plaza are cheap at and tasty too. If I am in the mood for something refreshing I often get bualoy. This is a Thai dessert that is served hot. I pay 25 baht for this (about 80 cents USD). It has rice balls in sweetened coconut milk so the taste is mild and sweet. I add corn to mine as you can see in the photo below, but you don’t have to add the corn if you don’t want to.

Hopefully you are now interested in all there is to see at the local market I go to. So why not spend an afternoon at Klongsan Plaza in Bangkok and enjoy your afternoon like the locals do? Hope to see you there someday.

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