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Amazing places in Vietnam

1. Dong Nai River

With a length of 586km, the Dong Nai River is the longest river flowing in the territory of Vietnam. Along the banks of the river villages and surrounding beauty, simplicity, simplicity characteristic of southern Vietnam. If one were to Dong Nai river embraces admire two beautiful islands and islets is Pho Tan Uyen, you certainly will not admiring the beauty of the place was very wild this.


A Dong Nai river.

Here visitors can join the tour Dong Nai river, enjoy the fresh air, and quiet villages to visit famous places like Tan Van pottery, wood art Xuan Tam, Tan Trieu grapefruit or village.


Sunset on the Dong Nai River.

2. Three Stone Husband

Located between the bustling neighborhood Dinh Quan, on the way to Dalat, Husband’s Three Stone 3 stacked stone, 36 meters high. The stone has double bottom on the island, the island is located on the same key must out, seems to pour down at any time. This odd shape has attracted many visitors to stop and visit the sights.

Three stone beside husband also called mountain or mountain White Stone Statue, with the second category looks like prostrate elephant. On top of the mountain is the White Statue of Buddha Shakyamuni and the bottom is the White Tiger Cave. Populations rocky row, close together here has created the mysterious cave tourist attraction.



3. Buu Long Tourism Zone

Bien Hoa City is 6km southwest, Buu Long resort is built around the artificial lake Long Hide dozens of acres large. It can be said Long Hidden Lake is a miniature picture of Ha Long Bay. Countless cliff reflected in blue water lakes make for fascinating beauty in a beautiful natural scenery: mountains, large lakes, in harmony with the architectural works of art bears the stamp of much religious University. This is a great destination for you to relieve stress or short travel.
The beautiful landscape at the resort Bao Long.

Next to the lake is two low mountains, the mountains have ancient temples Buu Buu Long Room is famous Bodhi tree looming large following. After the fun, interesting take Buu Long, you should visit the temple just for sightseeing, just to wish good luck to the family.


Baofeng ancient temple.

4.Thac Giang Dien

Ho Chi Minh City and 20km, the ecotourism Giang Dien waterfall residing at Peace Village, Giang Dien Commune, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province is an exciting choice for outdoor activities, picnic brief. Giang Dien famous for vegetation are abundant, beautiful views of the river and waterfall white foam.

the mountains are going to visit an area called the United Farm Bureau. This is a small artificial garden, was designed based on the unspoiled scenery, close to nature. Deep in the vast farm also includes a palace classic Roman style is very unique and impressive.

5. Cat Tien National Park

With an area of over 74 300 hectares in Tan Phu district, Cat Tien National Park is recognized as one of six biosphere reserves of the world. Attractive by definition of majestic mountains, this is also the museum of international significance for science and culture of Vietnam. Visitors can participate in the online travel agency Ghenh Ben Ku, the Parrot route Mining, extraction Heaven online – mining right, route Cat Tien archaeological culture, ecology online, watch online fun nights, garden plants online.


Bàu Sấu – Đồng Nai.

In addition, visitors can also stroll in the woods, cycling, sitting on a car or boat on the river admiring the majestic natural scenery, idyllic. Immerse yourself in the magical sounds of the jungle, you will have moments of relaxation interesting.


Cat Tien forest walks.

6. Thac Mai

Ho Chi Minh City and about 170 km, deep in the forests located in Dinh Quan, Mai waterfall stretches about 2km surface area, composed of numerous streams, waterfalls, and small rivers. This is one of the waterfalls in Dong Nai remains the wild character, rustic yet with an impact on many people.
In the fall flowering, Mai still falls a lot nicer when spring is around the slopes of the leopard, forest orchids, narcissus and extremely eye-catching colors.