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Duc Ba Church

Have you ever traveled to Vietnam? Actually, the more people travel, the more people learn. To travel around the world, people are able to discovery so many different interesting things. They also have more opportunities to encounter different cultures. It is no wonder that Vietnam is one of favorite countries of travelers. It also poses a question why some travelers choose Vietnam as their favorites. That giving a chance to discovery some intriguing places in Vietnam is one attractive reason. Which are the most intriguing place in Vietnam? Where are the best places? Let’s reveal now!!
First of all, Duc Ba Church, or Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris is the most famous place where travelers would like to enjoy. This Church was built a very long time ago by a French architect, J. Bourad in 1880. This was the second church which was built by French. All of the materials are imported from France, including iron, cement and so on. Capacity of the church can reach up to over 1,000 people. Front of the church is a park made by the intersection of four paths, which creates a form of a cross. The center of the park is the statue of Peace Queen. Because of significant historical informations, Duc Ba Church have been preserved until today. Nowadays, Duc Ba Church become the most attractive place to young people in Vietnam. During wedding seasons, most people desire to come here to pose their wedding albums. This church is located the center of Ho Chi Minh City, so it becomes more magnetic. No one does not know Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris in the city, even travelers over the world.

Around the church, people are able to see a lot of coffee shop and shopping centers, including Diamond Plaza, Coffee Bean, Vincom Plaza and so on. It seems likely the past and the present become unite. There are some walkways around the church, so travelers can walk around to totally reveal the church. Duc Ba Church is a Catholic Roman church, therefore, there is Holy Communion every Sunday. Whether you are a members of Roman Catholic or not, you are very welcome to enjoy.

It could be that Duc Ba Church is the most beautiful and significant church of the Archdiocese of Ho Chi Minh City. Similarly, this means the pride of people who live in the city. Duc Ba Churc is actually an attractive place for travelers all around the world.

/// Written by Thuy Hoang, Vietnam

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