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Mangrove Eco tourism, Surabaya

Surabaya is a metropolitan city. This city has building and mall as a sign that this city grow rapidly. Hidden inside Surabaya, there’s a beautiful treasure that we’ve never expect to see among building named Mangrove Eco Tourism.


Mangrove eco tourism locates in east Surabaya. This place offers you a beautiful scenery. After you arrived, you have to walk around 1 kilometer through a wooden bridge. If you see local people selling food and drinks, it means that you are one step closer to the ticket counter. You must pay IDR 25.000 in order to rent a boat. The boat can go if the passenger already more than 4 person. While we are waiting for the passenger, we can sit on the harbor in front of the ticket counter. It takes about 10 minutes to go from the first harbor to the seaside. Along the journey, you can see many wild animals such as bird, fish n sometime if you are lucky, you can see monkey among the tree.

The journey ends in seaside. From there you can walk among a rattan bridge and see the mangrove all the way to gazebo. On the fork you have 2 choices. If you turn right, you can see 4 big gazebos for restaurant need (but now the restaurant is closed). There you can see 3 ponds for fishing and a rattan bridge. If you turn left, you can go to the gazebo to see the ocean. There are three gazebo provides by Pertamina (Indonesian Oil Company) and by Police Department. The distance between each gazebo is quite far. From the Gazebo, you can see beautiful scenery of Selat Sunda and hear the voice of the sea. If the sun shine brightly, you can also see Madura island from there.

Mangrove Wonorejo oftenly use for educational programe. They provide local guide to explain about kind of tree that planted there, the plants function, how to plant mangrove, or see many animal species that we never see before. We can see 70-80 bird species, various reptiles and also see lots of mudskipper fish (mudskipper→kind of fish that life in mud area and water). Local people name it as “Ikan Gelodok”. Not only primary until junior high school, sometimes, college students and foreign student visited this place to see the ecosystem in here.

Surabayanese also visited this place especially at the weekend because they can taught their children about ecosystem. There are also several teens and youth that visit this place esp in gazebo to take picture and just sit and relax.

The best time to visit mangrove are at 5-6 am (to see the sunrise) or at 4-5 pm (to see the sunset) from the gazebo. The last boat from the seaside will return at 4 pm. After that, there will be no more boat outside the regular hour unless you rent private boat. They offer a boat package for group who wants to go after the the regular hour. If your are interested, you can pay IDR 300.000 with maximum 6 person per boat.

/// Written by Shanti Yanuarini, Indonesia

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