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The Pictorial Shopping Experience, Thailand

What Makes the Floating Market One Stop Destination for Tourists?

With over fifteen million tourists flying to Thailand every year to spend their holidays, my land is Asia’s primary travel destination. Thailand is a world famous place due to its rich heritage and traditions, delicious cuisines, beautiful natural locations and awesome shopping ideas. All this make my land a top notch choice of millions and billions of tourists.

My Dreamy Market—the Floating Market:

I call the floating market a dreamy market. Why? It is because I have never found such a wonderful shopping experience anywhere else in the world. Fortunate I and various Thai people that this dreamy shopping center is present in our beloved Thailand.
Whenever I have decided to go out for shopping in Bangkok the name of Floating Market always comes first into my mind. This floating market is world famous and a major tourist attraction. The people coming to Bangkok to spend their holidays make the floating market their prior choice to enjoy their luxury time.

The market is situated on the Damnoen Saduak Canal. This Sunday when I planned to go out to make some fun with my friends, then we decided to go to floating market. What we saw there that many tourists are busy in buying their favorite items. This really made me feel proud of our market. Now I have come to know that why do the tourists like this market a lot, because unlike the other floating markets present in Indonesia and Vietnam, Thailand’s floating market let the people buy their favorite items at affordable prices.

The Pictorial Shopping Experience:

The pictorial experience of shopping here can not be ignored by the tourists who love to have an idea of the old traditions and cultures of my land. Coming here mean you can buy anything you like and of course can observe what Thailand was looking like in old age times before getting a form of an upgraded land.

The tourists love to buy eatables from here. I and my friends bought some Malacca grapes, Chinese grapefruits, mangoes, bananas and coconuts to make fun and enjoy our luxury time there.

Due to summer vacations, there was too much hustle and bustle of both local people and tourists in this market. I had a chance to capture the beauty and hustle and bustle of the floating market with my camera’s eye. So, I didn’t wait for a single moment and took a lot of pictures.


/// Written by Mehreen Shahid, Thailand

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