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Unique Culture of Malaysia

Located in East Asia region, Malaysia is among the most unique country in the world. This uniqueness greatly aided by diversity of cultures. First of all, you must know that Malaysia consists of three major races which are Malay, the largest population in Malaysia, India and Chinese. Other races are only minority population but also contribute equally to the country. Each of these races have their own cultures. Malay people has “silat” as their culture, chinese has Chinese New Year celebration as their culture and Indian has Vishu celebration as their culture.

Now, let’s narrowing the scope. Malay ethnic is original ethnic in west coast of Malaysia. They are well known as a huge group of people who follow the path of Islam, speak in Malay language and heir of previous rule. They have many cultures to be proud of. They have their own celebrations like “Hari Raya Aidilfitri” and “Hari Raya Aidiladha”. These celebration days are celebrates annually and greeted with jubilation. On these days, they would necessarily visit their relatives either relatives from far away or even from a mile stone’s throw away. Greeting on these days especially during “Hari Raya Aidilfitri” is a common thing. Cuisines like “rendang”, “nasi himpit” and “satay” are the most preferable since they are delicious.

Enough with Malay culture, now lets focus on Chinese culture. Similar to Malay people, Chinese people also have many unique cultures to be proud of. They have their own “cheongsam” and “kebaya nyonya”. These “cheongsam” and “kebaya nyonya” are the traditional clothes for Chinese ethnic. These clothes were wore during important event, club meeting or even during their celebration day. Furthermore, they celebrate Chinese New Year as their another unique culture. During this celebration day, “makan besar” is a priority. The large amount of noodles will be cooked and then will be put onto one large plate. The entire family will share this cuisine together and at the same time. “Angpau” is the must during this day. Anyone who come to their house to celebrate Chinese New Year together will get “Angpau”. “Angpau” can be defined as a gift.

Indian is the third largest population in Malaysia. They are mostly originated from India before the establishment of Malaysia and mostly are Hindus. They bring along many unique cultures like “Thaipusam”. This is one of the biggest Hindu festivals in Malaysia. This annual event will surely held at Batu Caves, their biggest Hindu temple in Malaysia. In order to approach their temple, visitors need to climb very steep and long stairs. Back to the event, the famous large wooden decorated arch called “kavadi” will be paraded along the parade of Hindus. During this event, some brave and obey Hindus will make themselves hurt by bearing spikes, spears and hooks into their body.

Actually there are many more cultures of Malaysia. In order to know further about these cultures, you shall come visit this very unique country. Here is a picture taken by myself during the celebration of “Hari Raya Aidilfitri”.