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Chicken Isaw, Grilled Chicken Intestines

We all know that the Philippines is home to an amazing variety of food, from savory and tasty viands to scrumptious snacks and desserts. Now, let’s talk about a very popular member of one of the Philippines best kept secrets, our street food. Chicken Isaw is one the most popular snacks.

Chicken Isaw, popular street food

Grilled chicken intestines, locally called as Isaw, is one of the top sellers of the Philippine street food group. It is usually sold by vendors on every possible street corner which normally starts in the afternoon. Chicken Isaw is something that you can eat as a snack partnered with a spicy vinegar, or something that you can munch on when having an iced cold beer with friends, or just simply eat it with rice.

As it is something that is very popular here in the Philippines, many household would just buy the chicken intestines and make their own Chicken Isaw at home, using their family recipe and grill it to perfection and love. Chicken intestines can be bought from all major super markets or just simply go to your town’s major chicken intestine supplier (I’m pretty sure that there is one on every town).

Here’s a quick guide on how to make your very own Chicken Isaw at home.

Materials needed:

Ingredients for Chicken Isaw:


This amazing delicacy will sure give you and your friends another reason to love the Philippines.

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