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It’s Hot… It’s Spicy… It’s Rujak!

Fruit salad that is sweet for everyone. Fruit, mixed with mayonnaise, and grated cheese if you like. This is the standard way that we are all used to. But how about a sweet and healthy fruit salad that is easy to make and served in no time.

Indonesia has a different way to make a fruit salad which is called Rujak. The ingredients needed are also way different from the usual fruit salad. Not all of the fruit can be mixed into Rujak. The common fruit used to make rujak are mango, Pineapple, papaya, cucumber, bangkuang (juicy tuber), kedondong and rose-apple fruit. It will be better if the fruit is half ripe, so you will get the crunchy taste when you eat it.

The steps to make Rujak is also quite easy. Prepare the fruit you want to make as rujak. Peel and slice the fruit. For the sauce, prepare at least 3 chillies (if you want a not-so-spicy Rujak), a teaspoon terasi (pounded and fermented shrimp), a half teaspoon salt, 100 gram brown sugar, 2 tablespoon tamarind water, and 3 tablespoon of water. Grind all the sauce ingredients. You can dipp the fruit into the sauce, or spread the sauce on the fruit and mix it. If you like peanut, you can blend the peanut with the sauce ingredients mentioned above except for the tamarind water. The rujak will taste sweeter and less spicy. It is better to serve rujak with Kerupuk. Kerupuk is Indonesian fried crackers made from starch and other ingredients. Kerupuk can be dipped into the sauce, so the crunchy and spicy sensation make the rujak tastier. It is as simple as that! Enjoy!

/// Written by Rosa Ocha, Indonesia

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