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Javanese Fried Rice, a simple yet tasty dish for breakfast, Indonesia

Fried rice or “nasi goreng”. You may be quite familiar with this cuisine. This Indonesian dish is quite popular in the Asian region. I’ve even found canned fried rice when I went to a market in Bremen, Germany, a few years ago. There are various types of fried rice dish and each has a different recipe. One type of fried rice that becomes Indonesian people’s favorite choice for their breakfast is Javanese fried rice.

Most fried rice recipes are using different types of sauces and ketchup to distinguish their taste. Garlic and pepper are the only spices to create the basic flavor for the fried rice. However, to make Javanese fried rice, you will need coriander and shrimp paste to add more unique flavor into this dish. In fact, some people also add pecans to make the Javanese fried rice rich in seasoning. Although the types of ingredients that are added to cook this fried rice are not too much, they create a significant difference to its taste. Indeed, compared to most Indonesian dishes, Javanese fried rice is not too spicy. In fact, the taste is somehow lighter since there are not too many ingredients used to make it.

This fried rice is dominated by the sweetness of soy sauce that is used as one of the main ingredients. Some people also like to add chili to make it more spicy. The cooking process itself is relatively quick. When I ordered a plate of Javanese fried rice to a street vendor, it took only 10 minutes to serve this dish. The simplicity of Javanese fried rice makes this dish become the favorite menu for breakfast. If you are interested in tasting this delicious dish, you can come to Indonesia and find street vendors offering it. Most restaurants in this country also serve this dish due to its popularity. The price range for a portion of fried rice is $1-2. It’s cheap, isn’t it?


/// Written by Nadia Maharani, Indonesia

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