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Lumpia Semarang, Indonesia

Do you know Semarang? Semarang is the capital city of Central Java. It can be categorized as one of the largest cities in Indonesia. The population of Semarang in the year of 2013 is about 2 million inhabitants. If you ever visited Indonesia especially in Semarang, you will find out a lot of tourists attractions. Not only famous places but also famous culinary trip, such as Lumpia Semarang, Soto Semarang, milkfish Presto, Wingko babat and more can be found there. In this part I would like to introduce to you the Lumpia Semarang.

Lumpia Semarang is actually made of young bamboo also called bamboo shoots, and mixed with egg, shrimps and onion. In order to maintain the original taste of Lumpia Semarang’s the bamboo shoots are brought directly from Semarang itself.


There are quite a few steps to take before you can serve the Lumpia. The first thing you have to do with the young bamboo is washing it over and over again. Secondly you need to boil it more than once in order to remove the bad smell from the young bamboo. This because the smell of  the bamboo is very strong and people do not like it. Then you can cut the young bamboo into small straight pieces and press it so it becomes more flexible. You can pan-fry the small pieces of young bamboo mixed with onions, fresh shrimps and egg. Do not forget to add some salt. Blend them all together to make the best spring roll you ever tasted!

The skin of the Lumpia is made of a special combination of flour. They are made easily every day without adding preservatives.

I would like to recommend you to store the Lumpia in the refrigerator for a day or 3. This Lumpia Semarang can be served either fried or wet. Wet Lumpia means that it is not fried. It is usually eaten in combination with brown sauce, pepper and pickles with a special aroma.