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Malaysian – style Noodle Soup – Simple yet Satisfying!

If you’re looking for something warm and wonderful during a cold, rainy day, Malaysian- style noodle soup is definitely something that’s worth trying. The locals call it “bihun sup” but no matter how you refer to it, the many versions sold here are really delightful and satisfying.
There are many varieties of this dish here and it’s very difficult to make a choice when you’re visiting hawker stalls. This humble dish is sold by the roadside in carts, and even in air- conditioned restaurants where you have to fork out extra cash to pay for your meal.

The basic bihun sup usually consists of vermicelli noodles, chicken pieces and bits of leafy green vegetables, all cooked in a warmly flavoured broth which is unique to each stall. Then, there are many add-ons for different prices. Add-ons include meatballs, pork balls, fish balls, fish cakes, century eggs, minced pork and bean curd, which is known locally as taukua. Some stalls add in hard- boiled egg to the mix, which gives the dish some protein. There are even stalls who serve their version with pickled vegetables!

Another thing that keeps customers coming back for bihun sup is that most stalls make a homemade version of the sambal go with their noodles. The “sambal” is a chilli paste, served with noodles to give it more “oomph!” Every stall serves a different tasting sambal; some being slightly sweet and others spicy. Some could be thick, while other stalls serve it a bit more diluted. A basic “sambal” recipe however, would include chillies, onions, vinegar, salt and other ingredients, also unique to each stall.

The basic kind of noodle soup sold here would usually cost around Ringgit Malaysia RM3 and for that you’ll get your noodles with chicken bits and a bit of the sambal and some small bits of green vegetables, along with the soup or broth. In the old times, you could get the same amount for about only 50 cents! Some of the stalls give out free refills of the soup, especially if you’re a regular patron but most stalls these days charge about 50 cents to RM1 for a refill of their soup.

The more expensive versions would set you back about RM5- 10 per bowl, depending on what you order. Of course the ones with seafood are more expensive, but you’ll really enjoy the experience so the money is worth spending. However you enjoy your “bihun sup”, don’t forget to order yourself a glass of iced drink to go along with it, especially if you’re eating this dish in the afternoon. Enjoy!

/// Written by Denise Michael, Malaysia
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