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Mama Dana’s Yummy Mihun!

Do you know all about “Mihun” ?. Let me tell you about it. This dish is really yummy; it is like a noodle, but thinner and has a white color. Mihun originally came from Tiongkok, China, but there it was called “Bihun”. It is because the “Bi” means rice and “Hun” means flour. It was created from rice flour and had a chewy texture.

In my place, Balikpapan City you can easily find this food called Mihun. Moreover, these dishes are really cheap. Everyone can have it. You can find it in the morning, around 8 AM to 12 noon, But in here at “Mama Dana’s Mihun”, You can get your special, delicious, and yummy Mihun anytime by only paying 8K IDR. It is really cheap, but not only that, you will feel so satisfied by the taste of this Mihun. Just come to Jl.Perumnas where you will see the nameboard of Mama Dana’s Mihun.

Mama Dana is the name of the seller, she has sold Mihun for many years. She is a kind woman with a big heart. I know her because her daughter is a friend of mine. Her daughter is my bestie from my college. She sometimes brought Mihun to our college so she could sell it there. Let me tell you the secret what makes this Mihun so good. MaMa Dana serves Mihun with a variant of different toppings. There are a total of 5 different toppings which you can choose from.

They are: Original Mihun with chopped fried eggs, Mihun Hot and Spicy Chicken, Mihun with black pepper beef sauce, Original Sausage Mihun, and the last one which is quite unique is Mihun with Spicy fried Octopus. I believe your mind will be blown up so high you can’t imagine it. The taste of the Mihun itself is really yummy, and even more if you add one of the delicious toppings on it as mentioned above.

If I may recommend, please try to taste the Original Mihun with black pepper beef sauce. Can you imagine the chewy texture of the Mihun’s mixed with the Black pepper beef? It will tease your sense of taste! If you are confused on what flavour you should try don’t worry. There still is another option to choose. In mama Dana’s Mihun you can also get different Topping on your Mihun by only adding around 5 thousand IDR to 15 Thousand IDR for each topping. Thus, the toppings will add a special pleasure for you. And you can try several flavours in the same time!

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/// Written by Nabilla Salsabilla, Indonesia