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Noodle Doodle: The Perfect Bowl of Pan Mee @ Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee

Eating to Malaysians is what baseball is to Americans or shiny objects to magpies. It’s the local pastime and there’s no doubting why. The wide spread of culturally rich food doesn’t just put the yums in your tums but it gives you a sense of satisfaction that words alone cannot describe. It’s comfort and happiness combined with a touch of traditional recipes that makes each meal worthy of living to eat rather than eating to live!

With that, I’ve taken great delight to make it my personal mission to look for the perfect bowl of Chinese noodles. While the traditional Hokkien mee and Wanton mee has its place on my list, I have to say, the legendary mouth-watering Chilli Pan Mee wins hand down. Many may know Pan Mee as the soup or kicap based noodles found in most coffee shops, but what I’m talking about is a true speciality brought alive by a famous chain of restaurants across the Klang Valley.


The Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee has become a trending favourite among the younger crowd. It consist of fresh homemade noodles that’s put together with a generous serving of minced pork, a perfectly poached egg and topped off with spring onion garnish and crispy anchovies fried to perfection. Wait, that’s not it. What sets this Chilli Pan Mee apart from the others is the chilli. Oh the chilli. You must have the chilli. It sits in a container on each individual table, allowing you to scoop in as much as your taste buds can handle.

Made from a combination of ground chilli and oil, the sticky, yummy goodness is what defines your Chilli Pan Mee experience. Each bowl of noodles is served with a bowl of ‘sayur manis’ soup and customers can choose to have an additional serving of mushrooms, to complete the meal. Ask anyone and they’d tell you this meal isn’t a lunch-only pick but it works for dinner, breakfast and when your tummy growls. Before heading out to the nearest outlet, you must remember; two spoonful’s’ of chilli is plenty spicy!

This great dish can be found in Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee, a branch that has 8 outlets strewn across the Klang Valley. So pick up your chopsticks and go with a ready tummy!

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