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Putu Piring, a Hidden Food Gem in Melaka, Malaysia

The last time I visited Melaka it was 15 years ago.
I have very less memory about how Melaka was back then. All I could remember was visiting A’Famosa (the famous water park) with my family.

So after 15 years, I’ve decided to revisit Melaka with my friends.
It’s a 4-5 hours drive from Ipoh to Melaka. It is strongly recommend to spend at least 3 days in Melaka so that you have more time to try out their food! Most of the famous diners are usually packed with tourists especially during weekends. We had to gave up some due to the long queue.

The best Putu Piring in Melaka!

You’ll find most of these famous diners in Google when you search for “What to eat in Melaka”, but there is one hidden gem which I heard from the locals – Putu Piring.
This is the front view of the stall. The steamer and cooking tools are all place just outside their house. Customers are requested to queue in front of the small gate (separating the house and the street) to place their orders.

It was around 8.30 pm and we were lucky to be in the front queue. One of the locals told me that people come here for not only one, but dozens of Putu Piring in one purchase. Minutes later people started to weigh in, soon the queue was long enough and the people were queueing in from of other’s people house.

Even though we were in the front queue, but we still have to wait around 30 minutes. Just like the locals told us, these customers come for dozens of Putu Piring in one purchase. The few customers in front of us have ordered at least 20 pieces at once.
Despite the crowd, the uncles and aunties seems to be very patient. From the way they mixed the flour, to the way aunty turn the baking cups on the steamer it seems like they have been selling this for many years. I bet they could even do it with their eyes shut!

So here’s the famous Putu Piring!

The white layer is made of flour, mixed with shredded coconut and coconut sugar (or what the locals call Gula Melaka, which is also one of the Melaka’s specials) and then it is place to the steamer for a few minutes. Voila!

You have to eat it while it is still hot. The coconut sugar literally melts inside your mouth with every bite! All the ingredients are mixed so well and the taste is just right!
The price is also very cheap. With only RM1.20/pc, it is really worth it as this is pure hand made, in the most tradition way!

If you have the chance to visit Melaka in the future, ask a local where to get the famous Putu Piring. And make sure to be there early to avoid the long queue 🙂

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