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Review Marmalade, located in Bangsar Village, Kuala Lumpur

Marmalade an amazing child-friendly place

If you cringe at the phrase “dining out”, read on. You most probably flinch at the idea because, like me, you now have a child or more in tow and there is no way that you can dine-out calmly the way you enjoyed it in your childless years.

Here is good news – a café called Marmalade, located in Bangsar Village and Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur. At Marmalade your child can let loose while you enjoy a plate of delightful lasagne or a cup of aromatic brewed coffee.

Stepping into Marmalade prompts a friendly and inviting feeling. Neatly dressed waiters greet with a smile and immediately assist with finding a table. Easy-listening music adds to a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Enjoy the typical “Marmalade” vibe

The walls are painted in a softly lit yellow tone, while the floor space is decorated with flower pots and country ornaments. The counter area displays a selection of desserts, adding to the feeling of sweetness to patrons who stepped in. One can easily feel at home once settled down at the dining table.

Voted as the Best Healthy Eats in Timeout Kuala Lumpur Food Awards 2012, Marmalade is not shy to claim itself as the place for wellbeing and familiarity. Healthy homemade foods are served such as Caesar salad, mushroom quiche, spaghetti bolognaise and honey yoghurt smoothies. There is a variety of food to pick from the kid’s menu too – mac and cheese and chicken rice, to name a few.

One cannot go wrong with the beef lasagne, as by far, many have claimed that they make one of the best in town.

A designated play area is prepared to keep the children busy while parents juggle reading the menu and keeping an eye from afar.

Generous varieties of toys are available for the children, from small toy blocks to outdoor playhouse. What adds to the homey feeling must be the “mess” made by the frolicking children. Together with their joyous laughter, it makes up a perfect family ambiance. It almost feels like a gathering at the grandparent’s.

Being the place for family, the café also advocates breastfeeding. The café provides nursing covers for patrons to use complimentarily when they need to nurse their children comfortably in the café.

Marmalade manages to keep its personality unswerving at both outlets. A visit to Marmalade will not disappoint if you are looking for a peace of mind, even when the kids are busy making chaos.

/// Written by Ayuni Ayatillah, Malaysia



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