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Soto sokaraja of Banyumas

When visiting the city of Banyumas, Central Java, the typical soup concoction Sokaraja shall be sampled. This soup has a unique flavor and appearance. The Bowl stuffed with stuffing and topped with crackers of red kanji are pretty tempting. Savory spicy peanut sauce that will make you addicted! A plate of warm soup Sokaraja presented with a piece of diamond. Sprouts, suun, pootngan and beef soup are one of many ingredients. A sprinkling of celery, onion, fried crackers plus memaran red kanji complement this dish .

The name of this soup is the same as the area of origin Sokaraja, Banyumas. Soto Sokaraja also called Sroto Sokaraja. Soto is a lot of peddling along the road, and in general Sokaraja is eaten for lunch or dinner. Sometimes people also eat it for breakfast. The soup is generally enjoyed together with different kinds of rice.

The dish is not complete if you do not add the sauce. The distinctive sauce is made from peanuts . Since most people in Central Java do not like spicy food, this sauce tends to taste like sweet chili sauce. The color is slightly yellowish. But of course it will make you feel so savory – spicy and slightly sweet !

One tavern soup Sokaraja in Sokaraja offers toppings like chopped innards. There are add ons like chicken liver and gizzard but also fried quail egg satay. These Topping are presented directly to one another soup bowl with stuffings. Then doused in with warm steaming broth. Another way to enjoy this unique soup is with mendoan tempeh. Tempe is wrapped in thin dough made of flour and then fried half-dried. The more add ons, the more complete and delicious sroto Sokaraja is!

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