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Sun-dried chicken pesto at Abre Gana test kitchen, Kalibo, Aklan, The Philippines

Abre Gana Test Kitchen in Kalibo, Aklan, has a special spot for pasta lovers. Just a tricycle ride from the Kalibo Airport, the test kitchen is easy to spot in the corner of Regalado Street and United Veterans Avenue. The ambience is perfect for any professional gathering and even personal bonding with your friends or family. The cozy test kitchen has a mix of industrial laboratory and coziness feel into it. In stark contrast to the immaculate white interior, the hot pink seats are comfortable and welcoming to any guests seeking for an extraordinary gastronomic experience.

The restaurant offers a variety of rice meals, pasta, burger, pizza, coffee, and pastry. As I am a pasta person, I checked the pasta list in the menu first and saw Sun-dried Chicken Pesto. I ordered it, hoping that I won’t be disappointed, and I was not.

The pasta cost a little below a hundred bucks, Php89.00 to be exact, and it sure is worth more than its actual cost. The pasta is firm but tender enough. Each bite sends flavors bursting inside my mouth. The sauce was a bit sour; just what should be expected of a tomato-based juice, the taste of the chicken was distinct with just a hint of the herbs used.

The Sun-dried Chicken Pesto is one of the regularly served foods in Abre Test Kitchen. The test kitchen is constantly changing their menu, with their continuous experiments with food and improvement of the ones that they are already serving. This means that there is definitely a lot more to look forward to in your future visits to the test kitchen.


Another must-try in Abre Test Kitchen would be their Iced Lemon Tea which is lightly-flavored, just enough to quench your thirst and enhance the flavor of your food.
Abre Test Kitchen is clearly another pride of Aklan!

/// Written by Angelica Domingo, The Philippines

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