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Tahu Petis: Tofu with fermented dark brown prawn sauce

Indonesia especially East Java is famous with its crunchy culinary. Many kinds of deep fried snacks are offered by each local area with different tastes. People like to eat it accompanied by hot coffee or tea on the street culinary area near their homes or working places. These kinds of food are so cheap to make the hungry stomach full to people who have no much money. However, one similarity among them is in the use of traditional sauce made from fermented prawn called Petis. This time I would like to offer you one kind of many East Java’s snacks that would be more delicious if you enjoy it with that fermented prawn inside it. The name of it is Tahu Petis.


Tahu is the Indonesian for Tofu. Petis is the name of that special fermented sauce. Tahu Petis is just a simple meal in its serving and its way to eat it. After being deep fried in coconut oil, the tahu that has become brown is taken out from the frying pan, drained from the oil and ready to serve. You can just dip it to the petis or just slice it into two until you can see the tempting white tofu and smear it with the petis. Bite it until one tofu is done and you will never try to stop to take another one. If you like hot and spicy stuff, just put the fresh green chilli inside and you will get the hot sensation while tasting the savory of the petis that lubricate the tahu.
Even a simple meal in both in its serving and presentation has delicate taste to each one who tries to enjoy it.

/// Written by Gigih Dwiananto, Indonesia

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