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Vietnamese Toasted Sesame and Peanut Salt (Muối Vừng), Vietnam


Peanuts: 500gr
White or black sesame: 250gr or 500gr (depend on your palate)
Salts: 3 tablespoons sea salt (the traditional ratio is 15 parts seeds to 1 part sea salt, but you could use 12 to 1 or some)


1. Toast peanut, stir constantly until they turn spotted as in the picture. After that, wrap them in a paper to keep them crispy.


2. Toast sesame seeds, stir constantly, till they start popping and turn a nice brown.

Notice: Watch them closely, or they will burn!
3. Toast salt until it turns a grey color.

4. Remove peanuts’ cover

5. Grind toasted peanuts, sesame and salt separately with a mortar and pestle, just until the seeds crack.
Notice: If you don’t have a mortar and pestle, you can put them in the blender and whiz them a few times till blended thoroughly or use a coffee grinder or a food processor to grind. However, this is not recommended since the seeds are crushed too small and release oil which reduce the food’s nutrient.

6. Mix them together

7. Store in a tightly closed glass jar, keep in a cool dry place.

8. This is delicious over brown rice, salad, baked potatoes, veggies, almost anything!

Enjoy it!!!

/// Written by Thu Sunny, Vietnam

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