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Moc Chau plateau in the season of wild cabbage’s flowers

Each of the early wintertime, the blue sky and cold weather of Moc Chau attracts tourists and photographers. They come to Pa Phách and Bản Áng to see the hills with wild cabbage’s white flowers, which has the local name- “cải mèo” or “Cabbage of Cat”. Doted somewhere in that fresh white color are simple woody houses, making the scene more warmth with the firstly rays of the sun dawned on the Northwest plateau.

Moc Chau located on a limestone plateau with an average altitude of 1000m over sea level, near the capital Hanoi, 200km from the north-west. This place is famous for its tea gardens, green pastures and dairy farms. The main climate of the plateau with enormous space, which was painted by endless cauliflower’s fields mixed with lush green color of the corn, all are deposited on the brown land, and this is the priceless gift of nature bestowed on this land. The generosity of nature has also put this land into the fertile prairie of a fruit kingdom, with the experience of the four seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter only in a day. Creator also given Moc Chau a privilege gift, which is the fertile basalt soil. Perhaps so that visitors traveling to Moc Chau not by the season, it is based on the flower seasons. The natural beauty of flowers are always fresh here, strange and fascinates the visitors.

In accordance with the natural law, from the middle of November, a special cabbage with the name “Cải Mèo” or “Cat’s Cabbage” is blossoming. They make the houses, fences, fields and dirt roads floating in a white flower dream. Go to Ban Ang pine forest, walking through a dirt road, which is less than 1km, then we will see an immense space with a huge fields of the wild cabbage’s flowers. Ban Ang, Thong Cuông or places scattered on Highway 43, way to border gate Loong Sap, Pa Khen … are places where there are flowers on the flap halfway up the mountain. Besides that, the area near Dai Yem waterfall and Pha Luang Mount- is busy with blooming white flowers, agitated many travelers as the legendary Pha Luong peak.
Not only wild cabbage’s white flowers, beautiful prairie region is also known for enormous green tea hills, with small buds, which is still wet having sparkling dews in the sun light. Along the way to Ngũ Đồng – Bản Ổn, an deserted, silent asphalt road suddenly surprised visitors with “a tea paradise” stretches out with layer on layer of green tea trees in front of the eyes. This is a tea plantation in the “sugar-cane” area. People here often calls it the “Taiwan tea gardens”. There is a heart-shaped with five layers of tea each year that couples often come here for taking wedding photography. Somewhere in the winds of plateau, there are the laughing voices of children after a class or a soft smiling tone of local women, the singing sounds of birds, all combined with the melody of a mountain flute… All these things have made an unspoiled beautiful Moc Chau plateau, a great-enchanted one.

/// Written by An Nguyen, Vietnam

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