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5 Simple Techniques to Opening a Fried Chicken and Beer Joint


Have you always enjoyed having friends over, have a meal, take beer and have a good time? Do you like cooking and your friends always compliment you on fried chicken that you serve them? Ever thought of opening your chicken and beer franchise? The satisfaction of opening up one’s joint is phenomenal. Do you want to start enjoying the advantages of being a business owner? Here are some techniques which will set you in the right direction

  1. Choose an optimal location

It is a crucial step, and you will need a larger space than your backyard. You can place hunting and acquire a rental space or buy a house that will be your first joint. Choose a joint that has good pedestrian traffic. You can think of a mall, town centre or an industrial centre with limited choices for food and beer joints. It is strategic as after a long day at work, and customers would want to visit a place have a cold beer, eat chicken with friends and relieve some steam.

  1. License and permit

An entrepreneur must be within the right side of the law when owning premises. Since you would be serving beer, you will need to acquire an alcoholic beverage permit. Different states and local regions have their food law policy. One must adhere the law to the letter.

You have to pass through various health requirements to ensure that food, as well as the joint at large, is free from disease-causing organisms. It will save you from litigation among consumers as well as employees. 

  1. Business and financial plan

If you are passionate about serving people fried chicken and beer and lack the required finances, don’t be stressed. All you need is get a specific business as well as the financial plan that you will use to convince potential investors. If your dream is opening a large franchise such as Gami fried chicken locations, you need to have a complete research on the target clients. Present viable proposals to banks as well as credit unions and be ready to receive funding upon acceptance of your project.

  1. Have an online presence

While marketing your joint, you must be creative and not rely on traditional methods only. There’s an untapped online presence that you could capitalize. Owning a website as well as social media accounts on various platforms is a great chance to market a fried chicken and beer joint. Convince various gigs to meet up in your joint and convince them they shall have an excellent time. Online advertisements can target a local community or offer home as well as office delivery services to potential clients. It is an opportunity to serve individuals who are searching for fried chicken as well as beer joints.

  1. Have a range of products.

To have a successful joint, you have to diversify what you offer. Apart from majoring on locally crafted beer, you can provide wine or Champaign to other clients.

You can avail various sauce as well as recipes of chicken to tap into a broader market. While seeking to compliment your fried chicken, you can bring in chefs who will make fries, salads, vegetable dishes as well as rolls.

Try to find the typical expenditure within the target clients as you seek to craft a menu.


There is no greater satisfaction than seeing friends and families come together, get a table and enjoy a meal. Opening a successful franchise such as Gami fried chicken locations takes work and effort. We wish you the best of luck in your next venture as you use the above techniques.

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