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3 Reasons to keep going back to Boracay

I’m sure you’ve heard of Boracay before.  Chances are, you’ve been there more than once.  Boracay Island in the Philippines has been on the list of top destinations in the past few years; which is no surprise because this island has one of the best white sands and clear waters you will ever see.  With this popularity, however, it has attracted people from all over the world and I’m sure you’ve seen on social media how crowded it can be (potentially, all year round); but fret not, despite the surge of tourists, you are assured to have a great time on this island. Here are 3 REASONS why people keep (or should keep) going back to Boracay…

Nature in Boracay

First and most obvious reason is the nature surrounding it.  You think you’ve seen it all? Maybe you haven’t.

Boracay is well-known for its main beach, the “White Beach”; but also boasts of lush mountains and hills, beautiful coral gardens, and other beaches that are less crowded than the main beach (such as Puka, Bulabog, and Diniwid Beach).

The key is to explore – rent a boat or a moped and you’re bound to stumble upon a spot you can call your own.

Another thing that Boracay is famous for is its sunset.  I myself have seen several beaches around Asia, but I have to say that Boracay still has one of the best sunset views I have ever seen.

Variety in Boracay

Of course, variety is important.  Some visitors stay for a minimum of 1 week, and you wonder if they ever get bored.  The thing about Boracay is, whether you’re a beachbum, foodie, adrenaline junkie, health buff, or party animal, there’s always something for you.

Accommodations-wise, the island offers a lot of choices from gorgeous luxury hotels to quaint AIRBNBs and budget hostels.  No matter what your spending appetite is, there’s bound to be something you can call your home away from home.

Activities-wise, well, where do I begin?


As with any of the trips you’ve had in the past, the most memorable are those you spend with great people.  You can plan an awesome week with friends or you can even go alone.

People of different nationalities, age, personalities and preferences come to the island every year.  The key is to be friendly and open to new experiences.  The island is brimming with people (locals and travelers) who are welcoming, warm, and exciting.  Whether you are the type to be seen dancing in one of Boracay’s nightclubs or the chill type who just loves to lounge by your hostel’s common areas, make sure to make a new acquaintance (or maybe ten). Have fun!

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