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3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Travel Wedding

After you first get engaged, you may not know what type of wedding you actually want. Do you stick with a traditional wedding? Or do you consider something unconventional like having a travel wedding?

For those of you interested in traveling, you may have too many concerns like where should you go, what kind of wedding gowns should you get, and many other potential issues. Azazie’s collection of destination wedding dresses can definitely help solve the wedding dress crisis.

Is a lack of finances a concern? There are plenty of unconventional ways to raise funds for your perfect travel wedding. Discover how to ask for money as a wedding gift by looking at valuable tips and tricks online. Or set up a honeymoon registry online and ask for cash in lieu of traditional gifts.

No matter what, it may seem very difficult to plan a wedding with traveling being involved. But we’re going to share tips with you today to make it a little bit easier, so follow along and discover what countless others have learned before you.

1.Choosing the Ideal Venue

Sometimes you’ll be forced to put a lot more thought into your wedding venue destination then you may have originally realized. Sure, having a beautiful wedding on an outdoor beach makes for amazing wedding photos. But one or more people who are important to you might not be willing to travel to the Caribbean or another exotic destination because they are afraid to fly or cannot handle long car rides. This is especially true of elderly grandparents or your favorite great aunt or uncle.

So, before you decide upon the perfect wedding venue, you should probably put together your guest list first. Look over your list to see who is on it and who you feel would be willing to travel in order to witness you and your significant other tie the knot.

If it seems like traveling far will really limit your guest list, you may want to reconsider your location to somewhere closer to home. Or maybe you don’t care because getting married on a private island in the South Pacific has always been your dream, and if that’s the case then you should do whatever makes you feel the happiest and be willing to accept the consequences of your choice.

2.Honing in on Your Wedding Theme

Traveling is only one aspect of your wedding and it really isn’t the overall theme. Having a beach wedding can certainly be one part of it, but again, it’s only a single aspect of the overall wedding seem itself.

If you are a world traveler, as an example, you may want to incorporate traveling into the main overall theme. You can put globes on the tables in lieu of flowery centerpieces, or maybe use maps as table cloths, or possibly provide your guests with vintage travel bags and other travel related goodies to help nail your theme down perfectly.

In any case, you’ll know you’ve chosen the perfect theme because it’s something you love. If that’s the case, feel free to run with it and make it your own.

3.Does Your Food Need to Match a Specific Theme?

If your wedding theme is based on a certain time period, you may want the food to match that particular era. Or you might not care at all because you know your guests have certain dietary requirements and they’d only be willing to eat certain types of food – some examples being vegan, gluten-free, paleo, etc.

Consider all factors when deciding upon food for your wedding. Remember to feel free to choose options that might not necessarily fit your theme if they are going to make your guests happy.

Final Thoughts

Organizing a wedding where you and your guests need to travel can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be impossible. In fact, use the tips we’ve shared today and you’ll find it easier than ever to plan the perfect travel wedding for you and your guests.