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6 Reasons You Need to Take a Trip to Las Vegas in Your Lifetime

If you are over the age of 21 and you haven’t visited Las Vegas yet, you are missing out! Las Vegas may be referred to as Sin City but not everything there is a sin. In fact, we are confident you can find activities to fit almost any taste. From delicious world cuisine to awe inspiring acrobatic shows you’ll be entertained at every turn. Still having trouble deciding if you should go? Here are a few reasons you should start planning your vegas excursion today.

1. The Shows

Home to several world-renowned shows, and boasting a huge list of resident celebrity acts, Las Vegas is a go-to for anyone in love with showbiz. There are popular productions that have been in Las Vegas for years such as Cirque du Soleil, which has had has had a regular show in Las Vegas since 1993 and now has 5 active shows at present

If comedy is more your speed, Penn and Teller’s comedy-magic show, or perhaps Carrot Top’s live show are for you. Musical Acts, Magicians, and more await to give you a show you won’t forget. A great plus is that almost all the shows are inside of the casinos giving you a chance to check them out before or after the performance. Even if you can’t splurge on a Vegas show you can still find plenty of entertainment on the streets. Vegas is home to hundreds of street performers that line the sidewalks giving some unique performances that you won’t find anywhere else.

2. The People

Like any place in the world, what really makes Las Vegas unique are those who inhabit it. The glitz and glam of the Las Vegas strip seems to pump through the locals veins. Every person you encounter is friendly and willing to make your day exciting.

From local street entertainers to those who moved here to follow their dreams, there are so many unique characters in Vegas for you to meet. Take the time to talk to some vegas natives and ask them to suggest some of the favorite local eateries off the strip. Experiencing food culture like a true Vegas inhabitant is the best way to get a real feel of the city and its culture.

3. The Food

The food in Las Vegas lives up to the excitement that surrounds it. Home to cuisines from all over the world prepared by some of the best chefs, there are a quite a few amazing . If you stray just slightly away from the strip to Henderson, you are going to find some real gems. Henderson Mexican Restaurants, like the amazing Borracha Vegas, or Italian restaurants like Bottiglia, as well a several other eateries for you to choose from. These chefs serve up one thing that you will not find elsewhere: The signature Las Vegas flair.

4. The Views

Not only can you see some memorable shows, but you can feast your eyes upon some of America’s most beautiful landscapes. While some may see the desert as dry and unwelcoming, we find that there is beauty in every terrain especially if you know where to look.

Within an hour drive of Las Vegas, you can reach the Valley of Fire National Park. Beautiful waves of white and red shades cascade on the formations like a true work of art. Want something a little bigger? Only 17 miles outside the city is the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Center. 196,000 acres of desert landscape await you there unless you’d rather stray a bit further north to visit the Grand Canyon just two and a half hours north..

5. The Casinos

With the numerous casinos in Las Vegas, everyone is bound to find an option for that they will enjoy. It is best to understand that not every casino is the same, and that they are not only for gamblers. Some casinos require patrons to follow certain dress codes,and are often frequented by high rollers and celebrities.

If relaxing in more comfortable attire while sipping a margarita is more your style, there are plenty of options for you. For the gamblers, you need to pick your poison. While you can find the usual games at every casino, each casino has games that it is known for. The Golden Nugget for is best known for its range of table games, while the Bellagio draws poker players. The ARIA casino has over 2,000 slot machines for the gambler who want instant excitement. However, if none of those activities are what you came for you should head over to the MGM grand. A perfect choice for non-gamblers with fun games like beer pong, billiards and a huge arcade. The Circus Circus is a great option for family because it has circus games, live performing acrobats and more!

6. The Memories

We know, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” but anyone who has visited knows that statement is not true. With hundreds of activities and beautiful views to see it is impossible to forget the beauty. And with some of the best food in the world you are sure to make some great memories on your belly here.

There’s plenty in Vegas for anyone if you take the time to look and explore so let those bright and beautiful flashing casino lights pull you in, they’re sure to leave a lasting impression on you for years to come. Unless of course, you’d like to visit more frequently!