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Adventure to Twin Lakes

Getting there is a journey in itself. Since I live in the town where Twin Lakes Balinsasayao and Danao are located, it is easier to get there, but not less than I could ever imagine, roads are bit rough once you leave highway. Twin Lakes Eco-Park is located in the west of the town of Sibulan, Negros Oriental; an hour trip from the Dumaguete City (the capital of Negros Oriental). The first time I went there was year 2010, we use our motorbike to get there; it is far away from down town so it probably took us forty-five minutes to an hour travel. However, for the tourists, from what I know, you need to take a jeep to the drop-off point and take a habal-habal (it is a two-seater motorbike) all the way up to the viewing deck through actually rough roads. Furthermore, you can also hire van or any other vehicle to get there if you want a comfortable travel.

On the way up, you can see the neighboring islands of Negros Oriental (Cebu and Siquijor Island). It is a forest-like atmosphere on the way to the Eco-Park; you can feel the warmth of the nature and the cold climate.

After a long ride to reach the top, it is a rewarding to see the enchanting view of the twin lakes. There’s also a restaurant on deck for you to refresh, make sure to order Ginisang Pako-pako and Chicken Tinola Soup for a refreshing lunch and take a sip of a cold buko juice.
You may also enjoy the serenity of Balinsasayao Lake by a boat paddle ride or a kayak with your friends for only PHp 250 per hour, it is convenient and affordable. You can also get off and do a short hike to see Danao Lake which is very captivating as well. People visiting there can’t get enough of taking pictures; it is indeed one of the most amazing natural blessings that Filipinos are really proud of.


My favorite thing on that adventure to Twin Lakes is the tranquility and peacefulness it gives me for while I was staying there. The trip was really amazing and one of the best day trips in my life, you should see it for yourself.

If you’d like to visit this place, I would recommend you to start travelling early in the morning so you’ll not travel in the dark back to the city.

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