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Adventures for Sea lovers at Lenggoksono Beach

Malang Selatan had several beautiful beach, but some of them are still kept as a secret so its like hidden treasure. One of the hidden treasure names Lenggoksono beach. Not much people know about Lenggoksono beach, we feel like we have a private beach.


Just like Sempu Island that take few hours trip from Malang city, Lenggoksono beach also had 4 hours trip, only, in a different direction from Sempu Island. The routes to Lenggoksono beach also a challenge for us. We go there by car. Lucky for us to have a great car driver because the roads itself need a skilful driver. We arrive to Dampit at 7 pm, so, it is dark when we go to Lenggoksono. After passing a smooth road at Dampit, we had to pass a small and down route with a cliff next to our side. Our skilful driver had an experience as an off-roader, so it helps us a lot. Though it is not like off-road ground, but it has same sensation.

We arrived there at 10 pm. We already make a contact with coastal manager named Mr Muclish. He allows us to make a camp at Bolu Bolu Island beach or rent a house for a night. We take his offer to rent a house in Lenggoksono village and its cost IDR 150.000. If the people are more than 10 persons, like the one who came at the same time with us (around 14 persons), the price will be IDR 300.000/night for a house.

After having off-road sensation, we fall a sleep. At 6 pm, we go to the beach by walk. While we walk, I saw some distiller machine for clove. Apparently Lenggoksono village producing clove oil. They also produce banana. I could see several big truck load banana.

The beach it self only take 20 minutes from the house. At first, we only see an ordinary beach. We saw few similar piles as a grill to make a fish grill and one or two youth make a grill. When the coastal manager came, he explain that we can rent a boat by paying IDR 300.000 and the boat will take us to the beaches around us. Another advantage by renting the boat it self is, we can also borrow the surfing boat and snorkeling tools for free (but they only have some for each item).
One thing that we haven’t realize when we see the beach is, Lenggoksono beach is a perfect place for a beginner surfer, the wave itself are perfect for beginner like me. So, when the coastal manager explains about this place, without having second thought, I borrow his surfing board and try to have some surfing lesson from him while my friend wait for the boat owner.

After the boat owner come, we go to beaches around Lenggoksono beach. We only go to 2 beaches because we only have limited time. First destination is a place for snorkeling. Here you can enjoy the beautiful of coral reef. The guide told us, years ago, some of irresponsible people try to catch fish by poisoning them, so they damage the coral reefs and it takes years to make it as beautiful as it was. But now the reefs are starts to recover.

We continue our trip to Bolu Bolu Island Island. No one live in this island. Our guide told us that if we choose to have a camp, they will take us to Bolu Bolu Island Island. We saw 8-10 youth had just leave Bolu Bolu Island island and carry some tent with them. The interesting thing is, we just like a private owner at Bolu Bolu Island Island. No one there because only a few person who know about this place.

But like we thought, some of the visitor left their trash. Coastal manager told us that sometime they burned those trashes regularly in order to keep the beach clean. In addition, only small part of tourist littering, most of the visitors already know about the importance to keep the beach clean, so they bring back their trash on their way back home.

So if you search a kind of natural and calming beach for relaxing, Lenggoksono beach is the perfect beach for you.

/// Written by Shanti Yanuarini, Indonesia

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