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Bangkok Off The Beaten Track

So you’ve been to the go-go bars, you’ve eaten the fried crickets and seen the night markets. Now you’re thinking you’ve seen all there is in Bangkok. Wrong! The Thai capital is much more than the sleaze and booze. For keen travellers this South East Asian gem is a great place to soak in some culture and experience this beautiful city in a new light.

Doesn’t matter if you are in Bangkok for your stag weekend or are backpacking through the city. You will find loads of things to do and places to see here. Read on to know more and make your trip to Bangkok a truly memorable one.

Landmarks and Attractions

Bangkok is dotted with many religious and cultural landmarks that are worth checking out. Start with the Grand Palace. Located in the heart of Bangkok, the Grand Palace is a vast complex of buildings and structures that are a sight to behold for tourists and locals alike.

Wat Suthat is another famous Bangkok landmark. The famous royal temple is located in the old city area and is close to the Grand Palace. Made famous by the giant red swing, this temple should be on your must-see list for Bangkok. Other places your itinerary should include are the Democracy Monument, Wat Pho (temple of the reclining Buddha) and the Bangkok National Museum.


Shop ‘til you drop gets a whole new meaning in the city of Bangkok. Teeming with markets of all kinds, Bangkok is a shopaholic haven. From markets that come up at night, to the floating markets and everything in between, the city has it all.

If you happen to be around Bangkok on a weekend, a visit to the Chatuchak Market is a must. Spanning over 30 acres and with almost 8000 stalls the Chatuchak Market is known for clothes, ceramics, art and handicrafts. A great place to practise your haggling skills, the market offers good prices if you know how to get them.

If you want to get away from the heat, check out some of the snazzy malls. Most prominent of them all is the Siam Paragon. With popular designer brands and high end retail options this mall will satiate your appetite for all things luxury.


When in Bangkok you must not miss the chance to gorge on some local cuisine. Street food is quite a phenomena in Bangkok. The items are moderately priced and are big on taste. Hop on to any food cart in Yaowarat ( Bangkok’s Chinatown) and you are sure to find some lip smacking food.

Be sure to try the Chinese-style roasted duck, crab omelette and the original Pad Thai (fried noodles) on your gastronomical adventure in Bangkok.


If you’re the type who would rather do something adventurous than plain old sightseeing, then Bangkok is the right place for you. How about some Muay Thai? Yes, the famous Thai combat sport. There are many gyms in the city, offering classes for keen tourists. If battling it out in the ring is too much for you, you can always catch a few live bouts and wager some Bahts for fun.

After all that ringside action why not get a famous Thai massage. Walk into a massage shop and get ready to be pampered like royalty. Sore muscles will be history when the talented masseuse makes it his life’s mission to get you relaxed.


Over the years Bangkok has made a name for itself as the pleasure capital of the east.  However, the Thai capital has much more to offer.. Explore the hidden gems scattered around Bangkok and experience Thai culture and traditions by going off the tourist trail.

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