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Bataan, a nature’s beauty

Bataan is one of the provinces of the Philippines. It is very popular when we speak of history – the death march and the fall of Bataan.

On our way, I see trees and mountains. The cashew trees in particular is covering every houses that we see. It is probably the famous fruit in that place. We stayed in one of the hotels and there, they serve the never-known cashew shake. Great and thirst quenching. A must try especially that it is not available everywhere.


I am began to think that Bataan is full of history or stories about the war during our grandfather’s time but it is more than. When you go to Bataan, you’ll see the nature’s beauty and will find yourself indulging in free flowing water of the river. Pristine, calm and quiet, that is how I would describe it.

I’m free! That’s what the water dictates. You can touch me but you can’t get hold of me – which true and correct. Our nature is beautiful and free. You can explore and discover more of its goodness. A credit to our great Creator. Bataan is such a beautiful place to live on.

In this place, particularly in Morong, Bataan, you can never leave without passing through the hanging bridge. Enjoyable yet it is body shaking. Afraid that I might get fall but the experience is somewhat like being able to carry on and continue walking while making sure that everything is under control. Such a very nice experience indeed.

Nothing can beat nature. If you love them, surely, you will love this place in Bataan.

/// Written by Rosemarie Ramos, The Philippines

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