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Boljoon, The Postcard Town of Cebu

As what locals say, Boljoon is the postcard town of Cebu. And indeed they are not kidding. Welcome to Boljoon, a coastal town 100 kilometers south of Cebu. Immerse yourself in history, simplicity, beauty, and love.

Things to See & Do in Boljoon

Boljoon Church – This magnificent church started out as a small chapel dating back to 1599. In the year 1690, it was converted into a parish in honor of Nuestra Señora del Patrocinio de Maria (Our Lady of Patronage of Mary).

Imagine this, a 400 year old church with lush green mountains as backdrop while fronted by the magnificent sea. Isn’t that amazing? If you wouldn’t find that beautiful, I don’t know what would. This place is a picturesque wonder. Think about the Instagram moments you can do in this place. This would be the perfect backdrop for your OOTD’s 😀

Along the church complex, never miss these sights:

-Bell Tower
-Hidden Prayer Room
-Dakong Balay (Big House)
-Centuries’ Old Cemetery
-Boljoon Museum
-The Amazing Garden (at the back of the convent)

Enchanted Ili – Hike to the top of the enchanted ili and capture an aerial view of the town. This is the best place to take your selfie in the town. Trust me.

Dayhag Falls – A virgin waterfalls in the mountain of Boljoon. No amenities. Just nature.

Ablayan Peak – This is a camper’s paradise.

Boljoon Fiesta – Every second weekend of November, the town celebrates its annual fiesta in honor of the towns’ patron. There is food galore and you can literally go to anybody’s house to celebrate the fiesta and to eat (YES! Even if you do not know them. That’s how nice the Boljoanon’s are. No, Seriously!) Prepare to eat an assortment of pork dishes for the whole weekend.

Where to Stay in Boljoon?

Being a coastal town, Boljoon has its fair share of beaches, and with it comes these gorgeous 

Club Fort Med (Perfect for families) – Probably the most popular resort in Boljoon. Row
house type huts. Swimming Pool. Massage by the sea. Scuba Diving.

Palanas by the Sea (Perfect for groups) – Club Fort Med’s main competitor. A little bit
more luxurious. Modern styled rooms. Newly built swimming pool. Rooms for 12.

Granada Beach Resort (Perfect for honeymooners) – Although this resort is located
further from the town proper, Granada Beach Resort is ranked as the number 1 Bed &
 Breakfast in Cebu and 13th in the whole Philippines. That’s something

Lusapon Beach Resort (Perfect for backpackers) – Peaceful. No frills. Cheap. Beachfront.

Palanas Farm and Resort (Perfect for teambuilding) – This is a unique resort located in the
mountain of Boljoon. The resort includes a mini zoo, conference halls, two swimming
pools, hiking trails, sports facilities and a restaurant.

Tip: When in Boljoon, never forget to bring your best camera

Church Garden

Church Garden

Church Garden



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