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Boracay, pride of The Philippines

From trekking to Island hopping, name it and the Philippine Islands has it. Knowing that the country is an archipelago, it has a vast option of beautiful spots where you can feast your eyes on for instagram perfect photographs.

Boracay, a true pearl

The Philippines, known as the Pearl of the Orient Seas, has so many tourist spots to be proud of. From the untouched shores to undeveloped mountains and hospitable natives whose culture shows the rich traditions of the Filipino people, to famous nature wonders that the world has heard.

You are probably wondering where you’ll spend your time when you visit this country because there’s just so much to choose from. The panoramic island of La Boracay has always been on the bucket list of every traveler. Perhaps you have heard or read about it somewhere and you wondered in your heart of hearts where this place can be found.

The Philippines has its line of beaches that is comparable to other places but none has ever surpassed this well-known paradise for its stretch of fine white sand. It is famous not only to Filipinos but also to foreigners who visit the Philippines from Asia to western countries. Most of the tourists even stay there for months and choose to come back there every time they pay a visit to the country. It seems like a trip to this country is incomplete if you have not visited this island. Since hanging out on the beach has never gone out of style, Boracay despite the changes brought by time and by modernization always stayed as one of the top tourist destinations for people who wanted to spend their lone time in the beach or party all night long by the shore.

How to Reach Boracay

Philippines is divided into three different regions and you can find the island in the Region of Visayas which is kilometers away from the country’s capital city, Manila. I will share to you two of the quickest routes that will get you there in no time.

The quickest way to get there is by taking a plane ride from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) domestic terminal or through the newly improved Clark International Airport (previously known as the Diosdado Macapagal international Airport) in the province of Pampanga. This plane ride usually takes about an hour if flights are not delayed and it will lead you to the city of Kalibo or Caticlan in the island of Panay since Boracay do not have its own airport. Most travelers take the flight to Caticlan because Boracay is just a direct boat ride away from there. Kalibo is also a good choice however you’ll need to take the bus or a car ride which will last for an hour or two, until you reach the port of Caticlan. The boat ride there will only take you 20 minutes and Boracay Island is already within reach.

There is another way you can choose to reach Boracay if you are afraid of heights. If you are not in a hurry and is willing to take an overnight Ferry ride then this is the option for you. You can take a Ferry from North Harbour and you’ll be dropped off at the Port of Dumaguit which is just South of Kalibo. From there, you need to hop on a bus which will lead you to the port of Caticlan.


Once you get in the Island you will never be bored. Boracay is filled with various activities that you can definitely enjoy during your stay, from water sports, land and tour activities.

The cost of activities vary but there are a lot of things you can do without over spending the budget you have. Besides, being in the place and just enjoying the view of sunrise and sunset and the soothing breeze of the ocean is already worthy of your time and money.

Boracay is a beach after all, you can just indulge yourself in the clear waters and get yourself a good tan while you lie on the powdery white sand. The flat beach of the area is considered to be a safe spot for swimming even for kids. There are lifeguards available in each station to watch over you and your kids as you enjoy the clear turquoise blue water.

If you are in for more adventure, a lot of activities are made to suit your budget. There are a lot of agencies now who offer packages for easier and more convenient transactions. The costs range from Php300- Php3000 depending on what you choose and this already involves transportation to the place where the activity will be held.

Perhaps you just want to enjoy nature and want to go island hopping or snorkeling, cliff diving, parasailing, kayaking, ride the jet ski, banana boat with your family or the Boracay buggy. There’s just so much to do you’ll probably want to experience all of it in one go.

If you enjoy walking, you can even try to walk your way from Station one to the other stations and explore the richness of boracay on your own pace without the hassle of being left behind of your schedule.

Places to stay

Gone are the days of just Nipa huts. Boracay is already a modernized and preserved resort where you can also find the best five star hotels in the country. If you are a backpacker, there are dormitory type rooms which you can choose from. Booking of hotels in here and anywhere have been made easier through the updates brought by technology. Along with the increase in the number of visitors this island had been getting in the last years, it gave rise to the construction of different type of accommodation which offers various types of rooms from solo backpackers to families.

During peak seasons like summer, lent and Christmas, you might find it hard to book for accommodations because this place is full and packed with Filipinos and tourists who want to experience what Boracay has to offer. It is quite impossible for the place to get empty because it has always been a magnet for vacationers.

If you want a taste of Boracay and be able to enjoy it, it is then recommended that you book your trip during the months where you expect the visitors to be lesser. In that way, it will be cheaper for you and easier to find a place to stay.

This is just one of the wonders of Philippines. Are you ready for more?

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