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Britania Islets, Surigao del Sur; a Slice of Heaven, The Philippines

Summer 2013 has been a blast for our family. We had the chance to travel to the very fantastic place of Surigao del Sur, Philippines. Certainly, it was a taste of heaven; an opportunity given to us to appreciate Mother Nature.

Our first target: the wonderful Britania Islets situated in San Agustin, Surigao del Sur, Philippines. It is composed of 24 scattered islets and amazingly gifted with the most pristine waters and super fine powdery white sand.

The travel from our current location (Davao City,Philippines) to Surigao del Sur is around 7 to 8 hours but the travel was all worth it when we arrived at the place. It can be reached through public transport and private vehicle. We chose the latter and rented a van that will accommodate us. We left at 4 am and arrived around 12nn, just in time for lunch. We checked in at MacArthur’s Place located at Britania San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. The room was quite big for only a price of 2,500php or around $63 more or less. It has its own comfort room and shower and the room can accommodate 10 to 11 people. The balcony of the room also offers the very wonderful view of the islets. What’s best with this place is: Free native breakfast for everyone who checked in.
It was a very beautiful place; the view was taken from the balcony of our room. You may notice the islands here; actually they are called islets as they are smaller than a standard island. Although it is low tide when we arrived, the view still captured our enthusiastic hearts. We decided to rest for the day.

We booked for an island hopping for the next day for a price of 1,500 php or around $38 to $40. This is the main tourist activity to do when you are here.

We left our room at 6am and off we went from island to island. Lifejackets are on board and you may wear it as you wish so nothing to worry about if you do not know how to swim; it’s really safe.


The beauty of the island amazed the little child in us; it made us feel that once more, we are young and free. The powdery white sand welcomed us as we set our foot on the first stop; Bonbon island.

I managed to capture this picture featuring the pristine water, the powdery white sand and the oh so amazing wave

Here are the other pictures that will surely amaze you and make you decide to visit this place:

When it’s low tide, you can walk from island to island.
We saw a banana boat roaming around the island and it gave us a very bright idea.

And yes! Here we are, riding the banana boat; a ride that gave us the “adrenaline rush”- an ecstatic and thrilling feeling. Surely it was a great activity to end the day as we welcome ourselves with the thought of the next activities we will be having for the next day. Certainly, it’s more fun in the Philippines

/// Written by Lady Mher Constantino, The Philippines

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