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Debi Island: Body and Soul Delight of Papua

Christmas day has just passed. The Christian celebrate this holy day. Joy to the world for their King has come to save every one who believes in His name. For years they have been spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to every edge of the earth, including to the Eastern part of Indonesia, Papua.

There lays a monument of the gospel entering Tanah Tabi (Jayapura) in Debi Island. This beautiful island is located in Yoetefa Bay, a part of the provincial capital of Papua, Jayapura. To get to this island there are some small motor boats loading the passengers from the Yoetefa small harbour to Debi’s neighbour Island that is Enggros Island for about 20 minutes. In Enggros Island, visitors take a walk through “floating” kampung to reach the bridge conecting to Debi Island. The houses in floating kampung do not literaly float, but stand over the sea level with wood foundations. The locals are so friendly and like to smile to everybody. You can just jump into the sea with clear like crystal water and swim to reach a passing by canoe rowed by a student who is accustomed to go home from school by this small boat. You can borrow this canoe and get short rowing lesson from the local. It is really fun, since it doesn’t consume much energy to row the canoe in faster speed.


After getting full of joy in Enggros Island, it is time to go to the Debi Island. Taking a little bit long walk over the connecting bridge under the sun does not really make you feel exhausted since there are lots of beautiful surroundings to enjoy like mountains, hills, and floating kampung scenery in distance.

Entering Debi Island you’ll see children playing under the coconuts trees. Their warm eyes and sweet smiles welcome every guest who is captured by their excotic curly hair. There are a lots of pigs and wildboars around the area. In this beautiful island there is standing a big monument of gospel with a huge cross over the globe in a ship like building. In the “ship” Jesus Christ as “the captaint” accompanied by two angels puts His two arms to bless people. Around the wall in the first floor there are semi relief- paintings telling about the gospel entering Jayapura (Tanah Tabi).
In 1890s a pastor and misionaries came to Debi Island. The locals and their leader welcomed them so nicely. They lived for three months and be amazed with the generosity and calmness of the people who live peacefuly in this Island.

If you are thirst of joyfulness either in bodily or spiritually you can visit Yoetefa Bay to cross to Enggros and Debi Islands.

/// Written by Gigih Dwiananto, Indonesia

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