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Did you check these FAQs before leaving for your South East Asia road trip?

Are you planning South East Asia road trip but you have so many questions about it? Read our FAQs list down below, and you will be ready for a safe and great experience!

From which country do you start?

The possibilities are different, but there is a good “starting point”. If you’ve never travelled alone or for the first time started with a trip organised by you, if you do not know what to expect from Southeast Asia and want to be on the safe side, my advice is always to start from Thailand.

Thailand is a country open to tourism for years, which has so much to offer and where, at least in the main towns, everything is tourist-friendly: it’s effortless to organise travel, book the bus, the train or take advantage of the companies low-cost, find housing and anything else.

Starting from Thailand for a trip to Southeast Asia is the best solution from a logistical point of view: the Bangkok airport is an important international hub connected by many airlines, which is why you can check out a flight to a reasonable price.

What about Visas?

Entry into certain countries of the world requires a visa: this also applies to most countries in Southeast Asia. The visa can be free or paid, obtainable directly on arrival or can be requested in advance, depending on the country. Check the entrance requirements ahead of your trip! In case of travel to countries granting a tourist visa on arrival, remember to bring your passport photos with you: you will be asked for a visa.

Are the countries of Southeast Asia safe? Is it possible to travel alone?

Southeast Asia is perhaps the most recommended area in the world for those who want to travel alone and independently. Leaving aside small exceptions (such as some turbulent areas at the ends of Myanmar), the countries of Southeast Asia, thanks to an unusually tolerant religion-culture, are generally quiet and safe countries.

Do they need vaccines?

Personally, we have never made vaccines before a trip to Southeast Asia, if not for anti-titration prophylaxis (against typhoid fever), nowadays can also be administered orally, recommended for those who go to tropical and subtropical countries. However, there are no mandatory vaccines in any Asian country.

More than vaccines, in Southeast Asia it is important to pay attention to the danger of mosquitoes (more or less high depending on the season), which can cause malaria or dengue. To protect yourself from mosquitoes it is good practice to buy a good anti-repellent

Do I need car insurance for my road trip?

For sure it is highly recommended to have a car insurance for this type of trip so you will be sure to have a stress-free safe experience. If you are looking for cheap car insurance, you should compare car insurance quotes online via, your number one source to customize your entire offer to make the most of it all over your travel experience. Plus, thanks to this customizable offers as our car broke during our road trip the company gave us an excellent courtesy car to keep things going. It was great!

What tour can I do with my road trip?

There are endless possibilities! You can leave from Thailand, which as we said above is a good starting point, then to head north, enter Laos, get off in Cambodia and from there to Vietnam describing a sort of loop ride (as we did) or vice versa , or move with a low-cost flight and combine the trip as you prefer.

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