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Experience A Sense Of Luxury With These Ultimate Experiences In Dubai

If you have always fantasized luxury experiences then you’re surely up for a rewarding trip to Dubai. The emirate takes luxury living to the next level with all its scenic beauty and all sorts of luxury adventures on offer. From shopping personalized stuff to taking yacht tours in the Arabian Gulf, you can expect a lot from this beautiful city in UAE where travelers continue to flock year round. So, let’s check out what kind of luxuries and adventures you can enjoy here.

Desert Luxury

Platinum Luxury Desert Safari offers once-in-a-lifetime excursion experience in the Arabian desert. Platinum Heritage, the leading safari tour company in Dubai, brings these adventurous trips to the travelers who want to experience something from an all different league. The premium safari tour takes you through some of the most serene and tranquil locales amidst the Arabian desert allowing you to experience some exotic wildlife and get surrounded by the shimmering dunes. So, whether you want to explore the iconic Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve or dine on scrumptious 6-course meal by fire, you’re sure to have an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

VIP Shopping

If you want to go on a ravishing shopping spree, why not join the VIP “preferred customer” elite that’s being offered only to most privileged customers of the Dubai Mall? For getting treated like a VIP, make sure that you spend more than 100000 AED a month at Dubai Mall as that’s the only criteria for gaining and retaining your membership. There are lots of perks included such as access to exclusive mall lounge, porter service, valet parking, invitations to mega events, and a chance to get around the Dubai Mall in a luxury golf buggy. Make sure that you don’t miss out on an ultimate shopping experience at the Level Shoes where you can get custom shoes service to get exactly what suits your taste in the footwear.

Lavish Cruises

Want some memorable time on water? Take a lavish cruise in the Arabian Gulf and make lavish memories like never before. It’s been among the favorite weekend getaways for the expats and you can experience this luxury while you are in Dubai too. Book your luxury yacht to have a personalized trip around Dubai’s shoreline. The yachts are offered with entire crews along with open itineraries allowing guests a chance to tailor their trip to their own specifications. You can enjoy a luxurious day experience relaxing in the sparkling sun and enjoying the breathtaking view of crystal clear waters and Dubai’s skyline. Or, you may want to book a luxury dinner cruise to experience an amazing sunset and see the city lighting up as it gets darker. The choice is yours!

Personal Helicopters

In a rush? Don’t want to bother traveling on road? Or just want to have a closer look at the clouds? Whatever the case, you can have a luxury experience by arriving at your hotel in your personal helicopter. Dubai’s luxury hotels like Burj Al Arab provide a specialized service to their guests allowing them to experience their ultimate fantasies by booking with their concierge the ultimate helicopter travel experiences. You can also enjoy a helicopter ride with HeliDubai, though. The VIP service entertains transfers to golf courses, hotels, and even to the Mall.

Dolphin Encounters

Another ultimate luxury experience that you can experience in Dubai is dolphin encounters at Atlantis, The Palm. You won’t just be able to witness the stunning views of the Palm Jumeirah resort but will even be able to make some new friends from the world under water. If you have that undeniable love for animals, you’d rejoice the experience at Atlantis’ Dolphin Bay. It invites guests to have one-to-one private encounter with the friendliest mammal of the ocean. You can even make special requests to try swimming with the dolphins and can also go indoors to spend some time with the sea lions in the waterpark. It’s definitely going to be a day full of luxury experiences.

So, how do you think you should spend time in Dubai while on a luxury getaway? These top 5 experiences should definitely be on your list if nothing else. You’ll surely have fun and some amazing time there.

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