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Grand Trawas Hotel: Cool breeze resort in Trawas City

Once in a while, everyone needs to take a break. To chill, to relax, and to forget everything to refresh the soul and the mind. In that case, holiday is a very good choice. Going far away from crowded area to a quiet place. Grand Trawas Hotel offers a tranquil and cool place, and yet they still have many facilities for fancy activities. Since it’s located near mountain, the air is so fresh even in the summer.

There is a swimming pool area that opens from 6.00 AM and closes at 6.00 PM. At the side area of swimming pool lies a small bar. This bar opens at weekend only, enables people to order some snacks or drinks and enjoying the nature’s beauty, because you can clearly see the big figure of mountain Penanggungan from the swimming pool area. Feeling hungry? You can enjoy cuisines from Azalea Cafe inside the hotel. This cafe opens 24 hours, and aside from the regular meals, they also offers 2 special menus that changes everyday. Mostly, their foods are Indonesian, but they also offers few western cuisines. You can enjoy your meal at the cafe, or if you’re too lazy to come out, you can take order from your room. They serve various meals for the breakfast.

Did I mentioned about fancy activities? aside from swimming, you can enjoy their “off-road adventure” service. Grand Trawas Hotel has an area that enables you to take a ride with special off-road car. Of course you will get accompanied by an expert driver provided by them. If you bored with off-road, you might want to doing rafting. Yes, they provides rafting adventure too. It will be so much fun to do it with families or friends. They also provides a board room for more serious activity, like gathering or meeting. This is perfect for companies or organizations who wants to create meeting event, and simultaneously refresh their employees with outbound games.

I was very impressed for their hospitality. Their employees are very polite and responsive to the customers. In conclusion, Grand Trawas Hotel provides a nice resort place because of their various facilities, fresh air. It is perfect for everyone who wants to relax, and relieving stress.

Contact information:
Trawas Mojokerto 61375, East Java – Indonesia
Phone: 62-343-880015

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