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House of Raminten: A Fancier Version of Jogjakarta’s Street Food

Do you want to try some street foods but don’t think you got the stomach for it? Then give the House of Raminten a shot. Located on Kota Baru area, which is only about 10 to 15 minutes walk from the famous road Malioboro, this unique restaurant will serve you fancier, and maybe also a more hygienic version of Jogjakarta’s most beloved street food famously known as the Angkringan. Before you go, however, it’s better that you take off your shoes, wash your feet, and wear a decent sandals there. It’s because this restaurant will have you to sit on the floor.

You heard that right. You won’t be eating on a table here, as this restaurant adopt a Javanese eating style called ‘Lesehan’ which simply means eating on the floor. But don’t you worry too much because they won’t be making you to sit directly to the floor as they prepare rattan chairs of some sort and sitting pillows. These rattan chairs however, are flat to the floor. So either you choose a table with pillows or rattan chairs, both of your feet will still lie pretty close to the food. Hence the need of cleaning your feet before.

Styled as an old Javanese wooden house, this restaurant go all out with their waiters dress’, incense, and offering flowers as ornaments. All the waiters and waitresses here, including the cashier, wear Javanese cloth and batik, which combined with the scent of the incense and flowers along with the sound of Gamelan they play thus making the whole dining ambiance a little bit mystical.


As mentioned before, this restaurant is serving Jogjakarta’s most beloved street food of Angkringan. One of the most renowned Angkringan’s food is Sego Kucing, literally means the Cat’s Rice. It earned the name from its small portion and because of the fried fish which usually accompanies it. On the regular Angkringan, it’s sold at around IDR 1000 to IDR 1500, which means with a dollar you can get around 10 of Sego Kucings. But of course Sego Kucing served in the House of Raminten is different, with a bigger portion, plate, and more fishes, it’ll surely cost you more although still within a very reasonable price.

Please note since that the restaurant is very much well known on the city, it’s almost always full on the evening, so be prepared for a very long lines if you want to have dinner here. And at last, I hope you enjoy a nice mystical meal like I do!

/// Written by Rosmanita Dian Ardana R., Indonesia

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