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I’ll have mine on the rocks! Bali, Indonesia

I’ll have mine on the rocks!

Yes, literally you can enjoy your drink…on the rocks!

Growing up in a town relatively close to Bali, my family spent most of holidays there. Every year, at least once or twice. So honestly, since I was in high school I was no longer attracted to Bali.
It is until I went to this one place; and for the last 2 years I’ve been so in love with these rocks!


Rock Bar, Ayana Resort, Bali

Rock Bar is open-top bar located 14 meter above the ocean at one of Bali’s most luxurious hotel; Ayana Resort (previously was Ritz Carlton Resort). This bar won CNNGo’s World’s Best Hotel Bars and I couldn’t agree more.
Even since it was open in 2010, Rock Bar had already become the hot talk. But as I explained earlier, since I wasn’t into Bali anymore I’m not that attracted to try this place. Me finally going here was more of following my friends who were so curious about this so called best-view-for-sunset venue.

4 pm in Ayana. Me..contemplating my life

Since Bali is an hour earlier than our home island, Java (GMT +8), the sunset occurs at 6.30 pm. That’s why I was so annoyed when my friends dragged us to Ayana at 3.30 pm. I mean.. the sun is still up there. Isn’t it a bit too much to arrive 3 hours before sunset? Apparently most of visitors don’t think so. By the time we arrived, there had been quite crowd. The bar opens at 4. Luckily, our group could still get a seat to actually wait for the sunset.
I started to get curious, how interesting is Rock Bar? To get to the ‘rock’, we had to travel down the inclinator that went across the cliff. Looking at my photo and you can see how the sun was still so bright. However, this was just still the appetizer. The main course was arriving soon!

The changing colors of the sky as the sun sets

As the time passed 6 pm, I just couldn’t help falling in love with the breathtaking view in front of me. I wasn’t sure whether it was the fading color of the sky; the tickling breeze; or maybe the sound of waves that hypnotized me to stay as I kept watching the waves hit the cliffs. In the end, it was me that had to be forced to leave Rock Bar due to my friends’ starvation. So yeah, that is how I found my love back with Bali. And now Rock Bar is always in my fix agenda, and I think it should be too in everyone’s visiting Bali.

Lastly, if I could borrow J-Lo’s line, let me sing “Tonight we gon’ be it on the rocks!”

Quick tips:

• It’s best to arrive before 4 pm to minimize the queue.
I once arrived at 5 pm and I had to spend my sunset just watching Rock Bar from above.
• Ayana Resort gives priority access for in-house guests which allow you to jump-in the queue.
• If you just want to enjoy the sunset, it’s highly recommended to have your dinner in Jimbaran Beach (close to Ayana), where hundreds of beach restaurants are ready to continue your sweet escape!

Source: Ayana Resort Website
Regular opening hours: 4pm-1am everyday (until 2am on Friday – Sunday)
Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia 80364
Tel: (62) 361 702 222

/// Written by Melyn Marissa, Indonesia

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