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Islas De Gigantes, Unspoiled And Pristine Beauty

The Philippine Archipelago without a doubt has a relentless list of amazing bodies of water. So if you’re looking for a serene island to disconnect from the buzzing horns of Manila, then pack your bags and go to Islas De Gigantes!

Islas De Gigantes unspoiled and pristine

Gigantes Island is part of the municipality of Carles, Iloilo. This is the northernmost area of Iloilo province. You can find ample amount of fresh and inexpensive seafood in Gigantes. Scallops on the island cost 1 peso per piece ($.20), this is why it’s also known as the Scallop Capital of the Philippines.

This piece of gem is unspoiled and pristine. The electricity gets turned on late in the afternoon and shuts off the early morning of the following day. There’s no mobile network, hence, you get to literally detach from the daily stress brought by technology. Which is a great thing too because you get to savor the fresh breeze and beauty of nature.

There are about ten islands in Gigantes, the largest are namely Gigantes Sur and Gigantes Norte. Read on and let me share with you 2 of my favorite places on the island.

Cabuagao Gamay Island

This is a small and paradigmatic beach located a few kilometers off the coast of Gigantes Sur. Hence the name, “Gamay” which means small in Ilonggo dialect. :slightly_smiling_face: The sandbar has a compelling rock formation at the end, and is surrounded by turquoise waters perfect for swimming.  We enjoyed splashing around and didn’t mind the scorching heat of the sun! There are tables made from bamboos which are shaded by lots of coconut trees. We paid P200 ($3.93) for environmental fees (per head) and P50 ($.98) for the table. Not bad!

Antonia Beach

This beach is also known as Gigantes’ Little Boracay because of its pristine fine white sand and emerald green waters. Most travelers choose to camp-out in Antonia beach because it’s not jampacked. It was nice to experience that first hand because we had the beach almost exclusive to ourselves.

Do you love to snorkel? Awesome! This is the perfect place for you. There’s no need to swim far from the shore to see a lot of fish. A hammock and a good book sound superb too!