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Magsaysay Park during Kadayawan

Hello lovely readers! Kadayawan has come and sadly, had gone once again and this time, I’ve finally been able to join in some fun! Although I have missed the major events such as the anticipated float parades and the Indak-Indak, I did have my fair share of fun from this festival!

There are a lot of venues to visit when it’s Kadayawan time. Almost all possible venues will be used for the Dabawenyos to have fun and I was lucky enough to have visited Ramon Magsaysay Park, which is located beside the Talicud Island Ferry Pier, and housed a lot of different activities to indulge this Kadayawan. And this is what I have witnessed!

When I arrived there late afternoon, the place was already packed that a car couldn’t easily pass through with all the people walking the streets and stalls lining up the road. It was very lively with all the vendors and the visitors. There were also a lot of Badjaos – one of Davao’s Indigenous groups who were present at the festival and mingled with the fun.

The ukay-ukayan was the very first that I’ve noticed that were on display and it immediately captured the attention of my companions for the cheap prices of these things. Ukay-ukay varies from clothes, to bags and even up to shoes! If you ever find another Ukay-ukayan, go search for what you’ve been wanting and do business with the vendor! Prices are negotiable depending on how good you are in negotiating. You’re welcome for the tip!

At the heart of the park lies a bicycle/skating space wherein people from different age and gender had fun going around with their friends, beginner or not

There were more stalls present in the park. They varied from home decors like curtains to essentials such as tsinelas or flip flops, food stalls that vary from snacks to a full meal, entertainments such as karaoke, souvenirs and even rides! The vendors were very lively and tend to each customer’s needs politely. Basically everywhere, everywhere is food, cloth, and a need stall!

A ferris wheel and other rides such as Pegasus, Spaceship and Scramble were set up too! The mini carnival had me jumping in joy! And to top off this joyous celebration, the Magsaysay Park is facing the Talicud Island of Samal, which gives us a view of the island and we can spend some time just watching the ocean. And for me, that’s what made it magical.

And this has been my quick stroll at Magsaysay while enjoying the Kadayawan vibes!

/// Written by Maegan Deibbora Cendana, The Philippines

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